Shakira: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53 | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Published 2023-03-10

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  • Yileydi Delgado
    Me encanta como el público no paro de cantar ni un segundo
  • gerardo chavez
    This is the most badass mini concert I've ever seen on this show
  • L Prince
    Funny I don't know the lyrics to her song or actually any of her songs but damn I felt the energy just watching this video. Shakira is out of this world. ❤
  • Henry Poulet
    When she lets the audience sing it gives me such goosebumps. BZRP this kid has a gift
  • H Ortiz
    I literally cried rewatching this. To see the kids and you can feel her emotion with that song. Pique should’ve done things right. If you gonna walk out of a family do it correctly.
  • sofia luu
    I LOVE how the public isn't just singing,they got the ✨attitude✨too😂
  • One of the most famous late shows in the US and the whole audience is singing in SPANISH...representation matters!!
  • Kallyne Medeiros
    Que apresentação! Transformou uma dor latente de tantas mulheres, em monetização e encorajamento feminino. O Brasil te ama Shak
  • Lindsay Walela
    Shakira deserves everything wonderful in the world. Look at her engage the audience like they're all her friends! Never seen a better performance & audience reaction on the Tonight Show!
  • Jacqueline
    Me encantó ,todos cantando con ella, eso es apoyo incondicional y estoy segura que es algo que a ayudado a Shakira a salir del infierno que vivió sus fans y el apoyo tan grande que le ha dado la gente
  • Es hermosa y la calidad que tiene cuando actúa en vivo es tremenda siempre suena como en el disco.
  • Mol ASMR.
    Ay Shakira que orgullo de verdad
  • I love the audience participation and really being apart of the performance and if I could speak Spanish I’d be singing it every word, I still love Spanish music
  • Armando Jiménez
    Que vergüenza los que critican a Shakira por llevar a sus hijos, digo ellos tendarán su percepción pero lejos de darles un mal ejemplo como yo lo veo es una mamá TRABAJADORA!!!!!! Creativa, activa, sacando a sus hijos adelante!!!
  • QrincessQri
    I live for moments when artists connect with their fans in the audience while performing. Especially when both sing along with such fervor, never fails to give me chills.
  • Bratty Roman
    This is fucking epic! Latin artist Spanish song American television show! The crowd was littt!!! My girl deserves it all 🔥🔥🔥
  • O sorriso dela quando ela para de cantar no momento exato em que vai falar o nome da amante e o público canta aos gritos "CLARA MENTE", como quem diz: "Tá vendo, [email protected]? Eu fiz o mundo inteiro te odiar." 😂 Melhor vingança de todos os tempos.
    Aquí Shakira demuestra el porque ella es la reina del pop latino. Luce tan poderosa.
  • Eu JrN
    I dare say that this is the peak of Shakira's career ❤🎵 2:58

    Las mujeres ya no lloran, las mujeres facturan 🎶