[4K] NewJeans(뉴진스) “Ditto” Band LIVE Concert Ditto HOLIDAY BAND LIVE🎄 [it’s KPOP LIVE 잇츠라이브]

Published 2022-12-23

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  • @jkh1059
    다니엘도 엄청 잘부르는데 아무도 언급이 없네😢 모지혜 최고
  • @godd6048
    Hyein's voice is so refreshing and perfect omg
  • @shaelarael
    I really love hanni and hyein "i got no time to lose". Didn't know woo woo part was hyein's part. She has a lovely voice
  • @yasumimusik7894
  • @mirde4559
    4:46 m/v 처음봤을때 도입부에서 사슴의 눈과 이 허밍 같은 가성에서 이 노래에 모든게 느껴졌다. 이것을 부른게 누군지가 가장궁금했고 혜인이란 걸알고 막내의 내공에 너무도 놀랐다. 몽환적인 톤에서 그녀는 독보적인것 같음..
  • @Dohw2_2
    4:47 진짜 넣길 잘했다 라이브 진짜 대박….
  • @user-jf5xu5ui2v
  • @asmrbygram
    I watch this again and again, here and there. It always makes me emotional. My girl Hyein slayed so hard, but honestly all of them did. To explain just how talented these girls are, there are no words. Absolutely none at all.
  • @user-fg1tm4tc8d
    혜인이 음색 들을려고 오늘도 시청한다,,, 리무진 서비스 나와줬음 좋겠어 ㅠㅠ
  • Hanni's Korean speaking ability is amazing. Such a smart girl to pick up another language this fast.
  • @user-yx7yt6uu7m
  • @-shinynovy
    2:37 this being the most replayed part of the video- now I know all of us are amazed by hyein vocals 😭 she's so talented at 15 !!
  • @kirakirabeam_o0
  • Hyein's "I got no time to lose" part really got me emotional and Daneille's voice really shines in this song