🔹 Melanie Martinez - K-12 🔹 Full Album 🔹

Published 2021-05-13
Melanie Martinez - K-12 (Fire Drill y Copy Cat Incluidos)
#MelanieMartinez #K12 #Firedrill
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00:00 Wheels on the Bus
03:42 Class Fight
06:24 The Principal
09:21 Show & Tell
12:57 Nurse's Office
16:19 Drama Club
20:05 Strawberry Shortcake
23:10 Lunchbox Friends
26:00 Orange Juice
29:37 Detention
33:34Teacher's Pet
37:37 High School Sweethearts
42:47 Recess
46:38 Fire Drill
50:53 Copy Cat

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  • gopwoo __
    so did we all suddenly have the urge to listen to Melanie Martinez or what?
  • Psychi
    its honestly made me smile finding out theres a bunch of other people listening to this at the same time as me lmao
  • Doggo
    This album reminds me of how awful of a school experience I had. If anyone is going through the same struggles just know, you can survive this, things will get better. Please just hold on and never give up on life, stay strong.
  • f a n
    00:00 🚌Wheels on the Bus🚌
    03:42 👩🏻🤜🏻Class Fight🤛🏻👱🏻‍♀️
    06:24 👩🏻‍🏫The Principal👩🏻‍🏫
    09:21 💲🎎Show & Tell 🎎💲
    12:57 👩🏻‍⚕️💉Nurse's Office💉 👩🏻‍⚕️
    16:19 👗Drama Club 👗
    20:05 🍰🍓Strawberry Shortcake🍓 🍰
    23:10 👭Lunchbox Friends👭
    26:00 🍊Orange Juice🍊
    29:37 💃🏻Detention💃🏻
    33:34 👩🏻‍🏫🐶Teacher's Pet🐶👩🏻‍🏫
    37:37 💗High School Sweethearts💗
    42:47 🍕Recess🍕
    46:38 🔥🚒Fire Drill🚒🔥
    50:53 😾Copy Cat😾
  • If this aint playing at my wedding, i aint getting married. If this aint playing at my funeral, i aint dying.

    These, are my rules.
    Thank you.
  • We can all agree that Melanie has the most touching and best songs ever created, she has such good music videos and good vocals.
  • Xx__loser __xX
    ✨Time Stamps✨
    0:00 Wheels on the bus🏫
    3:43 Class Fight🤕
    6:24 The Principal💀
    9:21 Show & Tell💃
    12:57 Nurses Office💊
    16:18 Drama Club🎭
    20:04 Strawberry Shortcake🍰
    23:09 Lunchbox Friends 🍱
    25:58 Orange Juice🍊
    29:36 Detention👩‍🏫
    33:32 Teachers pet🤓
    37:35 High School Sweethearts💘
    42:47 Recess🌹
    46:48 Fire Drill🔥
    50:53 Copy Cat👯
    There you go time stamps just in case you need/needed them ❤👸/🤴
  • Tobias Vaughn
    I was a bit shocked to see how many people are listening to this as soon as Christmas hit, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to those who celebrate, to those who don't have an amazing day.
  • Suspicious Star
    Melanie is probably one of the only other artists nowadays that sing songs that aren't just about breakups, flexing off money or the amount of girls/guys they have, or putting down others by comparison to the artist themselves. I'm glad that she sings about actual issues that society has today. We need more artists like Melanie guys 💗🎀😭👶✨
  • The Chosen One
    I kinda fell out of my Mel phase for a little.

    Just got back into it.

    No regrets 👍🏼
  • chunky chicken
    Wow...its crazy how many people come back to this album on the daily!
  • Zayn Hysell
    literally strawberry shortcake is so relatable. even after my transition i still deep down inside understand and felt that way when i was younger.
  • Haydie777
    Time stamps 🫧

    [0:00] Wheels on the bus 🎟
    [3:43] Class Fight🤜
    [6:25] The Principal🏫
    [9:21] Show and Tell🌸
    [12:58] Nurses Office🏩
    [16:20] Drama Club💅🏻
    [20:05] Strawberry Shortcake🍰
    [23:11] Lunchbox Friends🎀
    [26:01] Orange Juice 🍊
    [29:38] Detention🙄
    [33:35] Teacher’s Pet💓
    [37:37] High-school Sweethearts 💞
    [42:48] Recess💕
    [46:39] Fire Drill🔥
    [50:54] Copy Cat🐱
  • American wolf
    "Stop calling me your bunny, I won't hop and you don't own me" best line out of all songs
  • Wut.
    So we all just decided to listen to this masterpiece at the same time????
  • Xan
    pov : having good music taste
  • Angelina._lina
    It's funny how everyone thought of this album at the same time