Top 10 Reggae Songs Mix For Ganja Smokers

Published 2014-07-01
Mix of 10 my favourites reggae songs for smokin time. Enjoy your spliff!

Track list:

1. Bob Marley - Natural Mystic
2. Chronixx - Smile Jamaica
3. Perfect - All I Got
4. Gyptian - Seek Jah
5. Luciano - For I
6. Anuhea feat. Tarrus Riley - Only Man In The World
7. Tarrus Riley - Liv Up
8. Luciano - Truly Love Someone
9. Ziggi - Joka Smoka
10. Morgan Heritage feat. Shaggy - Love Stoned

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  • If you are reading this, it doesn't matter where you are right now on this planet, I wish you a wonderful night and a happy. peaceful life where all your dreams come true
  • I love the comment section. We are just one big smoking family. To all my green brothers, stay high! 💚💚💚🌿🌿🌿
  • @ReggaeMix66668
    I may be late commenting on this video and maybe no one will see this comment, but I come here every morning and every day because of my depression. This soothing music helped me a lot. I just wanted to say thank you for letting me get through the hard times.
  • @ReggaeMix66668
    HEY you, whoever's reading, this is your sign. everything's gonna be okay you did not come this far to give up. I believe in you
  • Damn, Im high asf but I love listening to ganja while I smoke reggae..
  • @JazzyJamsz
    To anybody who's reading this, I pray that whatever is hurting you or whatever you are constantly stressing about gets better. May the dark thoughts, the overthinking, and the doubt exit your mind. May clarity replace confusion. May peace and calmness fill your life. 🙏
  • @rollysuaiso7811
    I'm so high af and I'm enjoying every second of it since this could be the last time that I get to smoke again because of school responsibilities, and I chose to do it here listening to this video. Much love to everyone in here 💕
  • @ReggaeMix66668
    To the person reading this, Good Luck! Don't stress, everything will be fine. No matter what difficulty you are facing right now, you can overcome it! You are strong and brave.
  • @ReggaeMix66668
    A smile can change a day, a hug can change a week, a word can change a life..
  • @trenchlifestyle
    Bob Marley is still living in us, his music will never grow old
  • @fernandol4571
    Im so high right now much love to all stoners worldwide . 😘❤️😎
  • @user-uc6ge8to5r
    Все наши здесь! Мы дома братья и сёстры! Мы одна большая семья,не знающая границ,мы все дети нашей матери Земли,которая любит нас,невзирая на наше отношение к ней,ведя войны и загрязняя её мусором,вырубая деревья. Любите друг друга,живите с открытым сердцем. С любовью из России, Санкт-Петербург.❤🤟💨
  • @beetea27sev
    from the tropics , i'm the highest in the room. Love y'all ganja smokers 🫶♥️ make the world see the better picture 🤍💚💚
  • I went on a cruise to Jamaica recently me and my family spent the day with the rastafarians we got to experience their culture beliefs and their way of life and at the end of the day we got to smoke with them got to say the best people I've ever met in my life
  • @tawnytirado143
    Sick at home with Covid with my daughter listening to these jams and my spirits are lifting. God bless all out there feeling a little down.
  • @JazzyJamsz
    I remember when I got home from school. I was six years old, my parents were dancing to this song, I started listening to it every day, I slept listening to Bob Marley's songs, today I'm 19, I still listen to the songs he really was a good singer, his voice is wonderful, he was just a wonderful man❤❤❤