Songs that make you feel powerful 🔥

Published 2021-01-23
Songs that make you feel powerful 🔥

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⏱ Timestamps:
0:00 Natural - Imagine Dragons
3:05 In My Bones - The Score
5:46 Rise - League of Legends ft. The Glitch Mob, Mako, The Word Alive
8:46 Unstoppable - The Score
11:54 Play With Fire - Sam Tinnesz ft. Yacht Money
15:00 The Resistance - Skillet

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#Unstoppable #Powerful #RisingWave

All Comments (21)
  • Aniyea
    I'm leaving this comment here, so after a month or a year when someone comments and likes it, I get reminded of this masterpiece songs.
  • blakgrof
    quien mas cuando escuchan músicas chingonas se quedan mirando a la nada callado y en tu mente imaginando algo bien épico con la song xd?
  • Utkarsha swami
    Bro don't read the comments do your work. If you were working out complete those sets with a few extra reps. If you were studying try not to leave anything, every topic is important, you can do it.
    Complete whatever you are doing if you feel like giving up because of the pain or the stress don't stop you were already in pain. Get a reward from it.
  • nozomu
    To think that these songs give me the strength to do my homework... this power is frightening.
  • Chara Aris
    La primera música me hizo sentir tan poderoso que comencé a imaginar una pelea bien chevere xd
    Edit: oh por lad plumas de mis pollos :0, no había tenido tantos likes, gracias:3
  • William Muller
    I listened to this kind of music when I was 12-15. Started with The Score, then tried a bit of Skillet. Now 17 and workout to death metal, metal core, heavy, etc. It’s like I was always needing something heavier and heavier to feel that sense of strength and power. In other words, this is a gateway drug to metal rock 🤘
  • Hitoshikelly
    leyendas son esas músicas, asta ahora no se me olvidan y yo las escuchaba desde hace años , te agradezco me trajiste buenos recuerdos
  • Patrisha Cross
    Me singing this song like I’m a bad ass but when I go to a restaurant I’m too scared to order my food LOL😂
  • Dark Rey 011
    Mil respetos a este hombre de cultura 😎👌
  • Nunca creí sentir q liberaba el ultrainstinto mientras comía un sándwich
  • neskat
    my top 3 songs to feel powerful :
    1) Legendary / Welshly Arms
    2) For the glory / All Good things
    3) Soldiers / Otherwise
  • •Akemi•
    No solo me hizo sentir poderosa también me dió energía para hacer la tarea 🙃

    Bien chévere me hace imaginar unas peleas bien acá xd
  • Angel Robles
    When I hear these songs all of the sudden I got a whole fight scene in a animation that has not been made yet playing in my head.
  • Poofuu
    This type of music makes me feel a badass, dominating the opposite team and scoring those high scores. Very motivational I’d say
  • Nice, this music rocks! As soon as I heard it, I felt I was so powerful!
  • FreeMuSic