I put a ballista on my car

Published 2023-12-08

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  • @Ididathing
    Let’s Clash for Nature! Click the link to join my team and contribute to the environment by getting gold from multiplayer battles! wehy.pe/y/1/Ididathing
  • @theslowmoguys
    I’ll never get used to watching a YouTube video then suddenly seeing my own stupid face in it
  • @SonySteals
    Let’s all appreciate that Alex did a better job blurring his hog than the car plates.
  • @enricotonon6633
    Alexa's videos: "War is hell, there is so much cruelty around us"
    Alex's videos: "I made yet another artillery contraption"
  • The shaft of the bolt needs to be wooden to allow the fletchings to have greater effect in straightening the flight. This pulls the center of mass towards the tip of the bolt
  • @Break531
    IDAT has evolved over time to go from "I am concerned for this man's safety and that of his family" to "I am concerned that this man is going to be incarcerated"
  • @toothpastethy
    the metal shriek of the bolts flying through the air is by far the coolest part
  • @AnsuelSmith
    After "Not a weapon"... "Not a landmine"... We have now.... "Not a tank"
  • I'm from Germany and hearing idat mention Papaplatte is something I never thought I'd witness in a million years
  • I really like watching you make stuff. Kind of a shame that it got cut out. It wasn't boring, it's interesting to how you go about solving problems, the multiple design iterations (aka fuck ups), and how it all comes together. The build is why I like the channel. It's not about getting to the end result as fast as possible. It's about the journey to get there that makes the end result satisfying and entertaining.
  • @ninjapenguin3035
    I love that I can watch your videos sober and intoxicated and enjoy them twice each, with what feels like two completely different videos. Pure entertainment, thank you for everything you have done to entertain me and everything you consistently do ❤
  • @t-krupa
    It brings joy to my heart knowing you're getting an absolute bag from these giant companies.
  • @quarteratom
    When you see the heavy bolt bounce off the target high into the air, it's always a good idea to move closer for your next shot.
  • @dragstar77
    This guy should open his own museum for all his inventions. 100 years down the line people gonna study his work and call it "ART" 🗿
  • I think this would be an awesome project for you to come back to, like the giant beyblade.

    Edit: Suggestions for a potential second part:
    - Legit fletching on the bolts
    - Shorter bolts
    - Crosshair/Iron sights
    - Tension and propulsion VIA stiffer materials, like the romans
    - N-Strike attachment rail
    - Different tip shape on bolts
  • @proxy90909
    No one gonna talk about how much detail this mans fore arms had at 5:28? Mans got more lines than a notebook dang!
  • @PostmaOne
    IDAT: spends a lot of time blurring the license plate of the car for the early moving shots.
    Also IDAT: stops blurring the license place in the later close-up shots of the car.

    Great video btw, a lot of fun as always
  • @ms4eji0bek
    Imagine a torsion limb for a real ballista made with that super-effective speargun rubber. That'd be dope.

    Also, that car plate mosaic was top notch.
  • @chrissousa7761
    I love how the license plate is blurred in one shot, and then completely visible in another one