A NEW Trace! The FULL MH370 Story, so Far..

Published 2024-03-16
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How can a Boeing 777, one of the biggest and most modern aircraft in the world, just vanish without a trace...?

...It can’t......EVERYTHING LOST...... leaves a trace.

This is the story about Malaysian Airlines flight #MH370 and what we now know.
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Below you will find the links to videos and sources used in this episode.

Final Report:

Capt. Blelly and Jean-Luc Marchand study:

The WSPR study:

Capt. Blelly’s website:

Richard Godfrey’s (WSPR) website:

Latest WSPR tracking test of other aircraft (Feb 15th 2024):

Details of the ocean search:

KLATCC Building:

News Footage:
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   • MH370 relatives in China distraught a...  
   • New search for Malaysia Airlines flig...  
   • New hope for new MH370 search | 7 New...  
   • Why the disappearance of MH370 is sti...  
   • Search for missing MH370 flight may c...  
   • MH370: Search area nearly size of U.S.  
   • The Last Words of the Pilot and Co-Pi...  
   • Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: Familie...  
   • Malaysian MH370 Missing: Was MH370 de...  
   • Search for missing MH370 flight may c...  
   • Malaysia Airlines Flight Goes Missing  

   • GX Aviation - the reference IFC netwo...  

Oven Controlled Crystal: IMSAI Guy

Malaysia 1980
   • Footage Of Malaysia Airlines Boeing 7...  

Fokker F27

Boeing 737-200


Fokker 50

Boeing 737-400

A330 2

Malaysian 777

Malaysian DC-10

Oven Controller Crystal: IMSAI Guy
   • #1338 Inside an oven controlled cryst...  

Joe Taylor Jr
   • ARRL National Centennial Convention 2...  

Nobel Prize: Lars Åström archive

Dr Coetzee:

Prof. Maskell

WSPR Spot Database

All Comments (21)
  • @wag0NE
    Embarrassing what one man can do compared to a whole Netflix production team, this was top class.
  • @ReneBuret
    Retired airline 777 captain here, your reporting is absolutely brilliant. I love your attention to detail.
  • @kentbummerm5586
    When he was flying in figure 8 patterns to see whether there're any ships nearby, looking for a place to crash, that really is haunting...
  • @llucbusquets6266
    When MH370 disappeared I was a teenager and now I am an aerospace engineer. I've spent countless hours reading reports on the topic and watching documentaries - and still in this video I have learnt SEVERAL things I didn't know. Out of all the recent videos out there, you are the one who best dive into the details and gives Richard Godfrey the merit he and his team deserve. Your key insight on the radio transmissions based on your years of experience as an instructor pilot is also enormously valuable. Greatest hats off to you, over and over and over
  • @dhp6687
    I flew into Beijing from Japan on the same day MH370 disappeared. The scene in the arrival areas was surreal. The crying - everything, I just couldn’t believe it. I can still see the arrivals board: MH370 - DELAYED; it was well, well past the scheduled arrival time. I think it was just after 11 when I arrived, MH370 was an early morning flight. Everyone knew at that point it was not arriving, ever. I’ll never forget that. It really stays with you.
  • @hhazelhoff1363
    As a final thought from a pilot myself. If he went to all effort to hide his actions and the plane. I think it is far more likely that he tried a controlled landing to minimize the debris field, and to try to sink the plane largely in tacked . In order to accomplish this I wouldn’t assume he would do this prior to running the plane completely out of gas and having the trouble of having one engine or both engines out. I think he tried to land it it with both engines still run for maximum control. This makes the most sense of a totally senseless situation. Great job on this video. It’s the very best one ever done on this plane by far. Excellent.
  • @HPorterfield
    Why, WHY are transponders allowed to be turned off on commercial airlines? After 9/11, you’d think that that functionality is so critical that it shouldn’t be able to be turned off.
  • @dont9420
    "Planes go up, planes go down, what planes don't do is vanish off the face of the earth"
  • @JohnSmith-pw7ri
    Imagine if a Mentour video ends up being the catalyst to finding MH370 - absolutely fantastic.
  • I noted you lingered on the face of the young first officer. May he rest in peace. I cannot begin to imagine his last thoughts. Such betrayal.
  • @williamsmith6376
    unbelievable video mentor pilot. This is your pièce de resistance. That catch with the 7 minutes elapsed between the "flight level 350" calls from the pilot is actually a very good clue. In between the two "flight level 350" calls, it paints a very ominous picture. One that shows that after the first "flight level 350" call, everything is smooth and the captain maybe asks the first officer to get them coffee for the rest of the night. in those 7 minutes, there is a lot that happens, elevating the captain's heart and breathing rate. If he locked the door and depressurized the cabin within that time, along with all the other chaos ensuing, he makes a second call after the chaos, to check if the tower noticed anything suspicious and probably makes the call after taking a puff of air from his oxygen mask, hence the second "flight level 350" call being much more different in pitch, is the captain trying to sound calm but his body betraying him. The gross deviation from the flight plan at the vietnam airspace intersection, makes me think that by that point, whoever was flying, in my opinion the captain, had sole controls in the cockpit. The cell tower ping is honestly something that should be investigated further since we don't have any idea what was happening in the cockpit. it makes me wonder if the first officer had his phone with him while getting coffee and after the depressurization, somehow regained consciousness after the plane descended but did not manage to complete a call. Where there any other cellphone pings picked up by that tower? The figure 8 from wspr is incredible also. This again paints a very ominous thought process from the captain. maybe like mentour said, he was checking for any sea or air traffic in the area before the plunge. Someone mentioned the landing gear was extended manually before the crash, is there any evidence for that? This is absolutely insane and I believe with the hundreds of satellites flying around, someone or many someones, know exactly where this plane crashed but is keeping hushed. I cannot express the sadness I feel for the families in words, but I hope time will ease their pain because the image of "MH370: Delayed" displayed on arrival boards will haunt them until their dying days.This story is our moden day titanic, and I along with Petter, beg the billionaires instead of going to space, help find this plane because it will have a more positive inpact to your legacies than joyriding in space.
  • This is without doubt the best ‘documentary’ I have seen on MH370. I understand two companies have approached the Malaysian govt to offer to search for the aircraft on a ‘no find, no fee’ basis and I sincerely hope they accept these offers. Too many families still need closure. Thank you Petter.
  • No joke, with 0 knowledge on aeronautical stuff, I am still amazed how good you explain things. It doesn't feel like I am in an unwanted conversation.
  • @Fkdjt
    Why the world has danced the "Leprechaun Dance" around the fact that the Pilot intentionally crashed that Plane is maddening. The evasive route that the plane took, and the turning off of the Transponders alone, tells the story.
  • This documentary is the best one I have seen to date. The timeline, sequencing, simulation, graphics, intense detail, technical data and info, along with the explanation is so educational and interesting. This was professionalism at its best. Well done and you earned a new sub and another like! Keep up the great work!!!
  • @bubediscuss
    The motive remains so strange. Extreme expert measures were taken to avoid detection, only for the goal to be an ocean crash. The 'why' of this whole thing is terrifyingly fascinating.
  • @hflx
    Not a single conspirancy theory, no sentimentalisation, just repect for the families and facts... Far far better than a mega Netflix production. I was capable to follow it begin to end. You are the first channel I know that confirmed that someone was manually flying the plane, whoever did that was very disturbed. The families of those impacted deserve an answer. Hopefully their sorrow wont be that bad if they only know that those who passed did not suffer or were in agony...
  • @ericb3441
    The quality of (all) your productions is just stunning!