Hermitcraft season 10 - Episode 4: Releasing a WITHER on Magic Mountain!

Published 2024-02-19
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Welcome to Hermitcraft season 10 - Episode 4! I release a Minecraft Wither Boss on top of Magic Mountain and fight it to the end with Gem! Also, I test out the automatic Hermitcraft mail system with Tagno and Etho and build a massive force perspective train tunnel into Magical Mountain.

I hope you liked my idea for Hermitcraft S10 and see you in episode 4!


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  • Use code SCAR50 to get 50% OFF the First Box and free wellness shots for life with any active subscription at bit.ly/42o2WtG! Thanks to Factor for sponsoring this video.
  • @nuggetdg
    "I roll around these days, but no train unfortunately" Im crying.
  • @lottepegacorn
    i can’t believe scar said ‘buzz beans and armstrong scar’ when there was a clear opportunity to say ‘beans aldrin and neil scarmstrong’
  • @LovelyDove-kc3oc
    "Can you tell Grian how well i did" WAS SO CUTE ITS ONE OF MY FAVORITE PARTS AND IT WARMED MY HEAR5
  • @lasercraft32
    The day Grian FINALLY gets that Mending book will either be the greatest moment in the entire season, or it will end up being extremely anti-climactic.
  • @fulltilion
    Etho and Tango being the "friendly neighbourhood nerds" is so great
  • Hey Scar, Certified ferroequinologist here. Love the mail system but I think it would be cool if you integrated it with the train. I feel like you could have a bit of a nod to real railway history as well. One of the most interesting parts of British railway history is the TPO or traveling post office. It is a special type of railway coach that has a basket that swings out of the side of the coach which is designed to catch bags of mail at high speeds without the need to stop the train. You can find videos if TPO working on the grand central railway and the Didcot Railway Centre where you can see these bags swallowed by a moving train. The Great Western Railway had several in a beautiful chocolate and cream colours and British Railways used some in a striking bright red. You could make a mock up of one of these coaches behind your locomotive and put the mail system in it as an official working traveling post office. Thanks for reading if you even have. Love the vids.
  • @lulaypp7816
    The entire Scar's trek back home from spawn is amazing. The "Dorothy!", the place with electionless vibes, getting transported to Egypt, stumbling across Mumbo's killing chamber (I was actually anticipating him yeeting himself into it to check it out XD).
  • "I love the color palette but the vibe here kind of looks like a place that doesn't have elections"
    -Scar 2024, 22:15
  • @MrDudeSayWHAT
    The Beep of the smoke detector at 17:33 no joke had me walking around my house for minutes trying to figure out which one beeped....
  • I love how skizz was just like “hey guys what are you doing?!” 😂 and then is forced to help test the mail service after butting in.

    Also Scar testing the mail system was such chaos. Tango was on the verge of a meltdown the entire time 😂😂😂
  • @Spirit_Panda_
    17:12 Made me die seeing Grian appear out of nowhere for a bit.. makes more sense after Gem said "what are you two doing?"
  • @Nephelangelo
    “I love the color palette, but the vibe looks like a place that doesn’t have elections.”
    Hahaha. 😂 I love when we get a glimmer of Scar’s dark wit peeking through his wholesome demeanor.
  • @Sim-Peasant
    Season 9 : we are Disneyland!!

    XD i think Scar just wants to be an amusement park! XD
  • @samstone8674
    The way the tunnel fades into darkness with the faint light at the very back is done so well! It boggles my mind how you can make the forced perspective look so convincing. Your work with the gradients to do this is so cool!
  • @-LeBaoNhu-A
    17:12 Grian literally appeared out of nowhere and Scar didn't even question it🗿
  • @piclebob
    oh my god, the blinking eyes on his binoculars are on the texture even if he isn't looking through the binoculars