Published 2016-12-09

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  • @danksouls2012
    It’s okay, he’s too busy playing minecraft to delete his channel at 100 million
  • @jar6264
    Biggest "Bruh moment" in the history of bruh moments
  • @tylerm3m354
    This pewdiepie era was my favorite. I get that he was stressed and going through shit but the videos were the funniest.
  • @UnCreatif
    Sometimes I come back here to watch this. This is so beautiful.
  • @Robbaz
    You served the click bait media on a silver plate with a side dish of PR genius.
  • @aakashakki2317
    That wink and the song why can't we be friends at the end always gets me 😂😂
  • @user-dt1fo9jz4f
    I remember watching this when it first came out. Now look at our boy
    Gets 109 million
    Task successfully failed
  • @taoyuanl
    Can't believe he actually did it, you will be missed
  • @MrRinre
    Watching this at 111 million lol.

    Man this video is so nostalgic. Takes me back to my college days. I was a huge fan, never missed a single upload. Nowadays, my tastes have changed but Felix still has a place in my heart. Cheers to the future. Let's see what more he will achieve!
  • When I first saw this a did a slow clap, well done, you tricked all the media, pissed of all your haters, click baited tens of millions of people and made me laugh, well done indeed
  • @PocketMotion05
    *Pewds hit 100 mil
    Us: he ain’t gonna delete his channel
    Also Pewds: ‘i’m gonna take a break on 2020’
    Us: sweating and breathing heavily
  • @snorlax9965
    Ahh shit. You can almost feel the humiliation and anger those journalists felt after they put an article about felix's Sarcastic jokes😂
  • People that subscribed just so pewds would delete his channel:

    They had us in the first half not gonna lie