Minecraft but I survive in PVP CIVILIZATION

Published 2024-07-06
Minecraft but I survive in PVP CIVILIZATION...the story about my life in PVP civilization, where the only way to survive is to PVP.....

Voice Actors: Evbo, Teddy, ‪@TabiMC‬
Actors: Evbo, Teddy, ‪@TabiMC‬

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"Hit the Streets, Rynos Theme, Intrepid"
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0

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  • @Evbo
  • evbo in parkour civilization: 🧠 evbo in PVP civilization: 🤪 edit: thanks for the likes guys/girls
  • @Overkill9991
    Evbo with wood sword: need to conserve my hits. Also Evbo: let’s go. My life is 2x as long. Let’s completely forget what I learned previously
  • Guard: so u want some information huh Evbo:so I was wondering if u can give her phone number Guard: alright buddy why would u even say that 👁👄👁 Evbo:idk I just thought that it was a thing that ppl say 👁👅👁 Got me rolling on the ground💀💀💀
  • @WildWaker
    My theory about how PVP Civilization was made: Everything was going great in parkour civilization with Evbo as the parkour god, but, a master was in the parkour bank getting blocks when another master walked in front of him and the first master accidentally punched the second master, dealing damage. The two stood in shock about what just happened. Damage was dealt without parkour used. The two thought the same thing. "We can use this to get to the top!" Eventually, they engaged in combat with the parkour champion. Obviously, the champion was easily beaten having no pvp experience. The new champion used the command blocks to duplicate the diamond boots and the two masters were the champions. They used the command blocks to reshape the world into something new; PVP Civilization. Evbo had not been watching what had been happening, and when he looked at what he thought would be parkour civilization, he was horrified at what they'd done. Evbo came down right as the masters were about to destroy the memories of every person in parkour civilization, including Evbo, and complete PVP Civilization. Evbo lunged for them as they were jumping, trying to stop them, but it was too late. The jump was made, and a flash of light engulfed the world, finishing PVP Civilization. It was then Evbo woke up in the cell, completely unaware of who he once was. PVP Civilization was complete, and the only people who remembered any trace of parkour civilization were the evil gods of PVP Civilization. This took a lot of thinking, so I would appreciate if you guys liked this enough where Evbo could see it!
  • @MrMan36901
    If someone took a shot every time a person in the story said PvP Civilization, their liver would implode
  • "i think my gf left me" "maybe you really have what it takes" "Wait, seriously?" lol
  • @Fuyhtre
    Aint no way we got PVP civilization before GTA 6💀
  • @mintluvXD
    16:12 "and i think she might like me i mean she made eye contact with me for atleast 2 seconds"💀
  • Evbo with stone sword: I’m not gonna make the same mistake as last time! Proceeds to buy 4 leather chest plates
  • I'm making the Crafting civilization cuz im bored on a sunday night (this is based more on the Parkour civilization) Noob: Way Rank Is Shown- Leather helmet Daily Crafting Check- In the morning every day, a pro comes to do your daily crafting check in exchange for food (raw ofc lol). If you want the raw chicken, you will get the materials to make a wooden tool of your choosing, and you must make it. If you want the raw beef, you will get the materials to make something of the pro's choosing (which is usually a harder recipe for a noob.), and you must make it. Ranking Up- In the tower to rank up, you get 4 items to craft, one after the other, you get the materials for it. The last one is basically impossible for a noob, a helmet, iron to be specific. If you make this, that helmet is now your pro helmet. Congrats, your a pro now Evbo! Pro: Way Rank Is Shown: Iron helmet Daily Work- The daily work you do gives you 1 crafting recipe. The more crafts you know, the better you'll get at it and the more powerful you are. Getting Things- If you want to craft, you need supplies, and you don't get them for free when you need them like when you are a noob, nope, you need to pay with crafts, but in the rp someone's probably gonna die randomly and drop some supplies for you lol-. If you want food, you pay with crafts as well ofc. But food is different, the better and more experenced your crafts are, the more food you get. Ranking Up- In the tower to rank up, you need to do four crafts, this time you need to buy those supplies to make them. The last one, is a master level recipe, a golden apple. No shops sell of give out apples, but in the rp some master gives you one, lucky you Evbo- But yippie, your a master now Evbo! (i will try to continue if this gets attention lol-)
  • almost dies gets help gets a stone sword Buys 4 leather chestplates dies Most logical thing to do
  • One day all the civilizations will collide together and make a mega movie. Mark my words.
  • @mejonmc_
    >almost dies >"wins" a pvp battle >learns how to pvp >obtains 3 wins >goes to get stone sword >buys chestplates of different colors >buys food >dies
  • @RoccoFN10
    I died from fall damage you? Evbo:I died from leather chest plates
  • @user-gt5fy5ow4i
    Mysterious man: instantly dies in front of evbo while questioning his entire existence and society. Evbo: a dub is a dub is a dub is a dub.
  • @Hypernova609
    "Evbo into the Evbo-verse" ahh moment 🗣️💯💯🔥🔥🗣️💯💯🔥🔥