Slow Loris Attack - Computerphile

Published 2016-11-09
Denial of service usually relies on a flood of data. Slow Loris takes a more elegant approach, and almost bores a server to death. Dr Mike Pound explains.

Cracking Windows by Atom Bombing:
Zero Size Files:
Google Deep Dream:
Babbage's Analytical Engine: COMING SOON

This video was filmed and edited by Sean Riley.

Computer Science at the University of Nottingham:

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  • Niko
    Express explanation: Imagine sending 100 old grandmas to a convenience store, with all of them trying to tell a story from their childhood to the cashier so that no other customers can buy anything.
  • Energya
    This is now my favorite Denial of Service attack as well
  • Wouter Damen
    The first rule of coding: All user input is evil.
  • Paul
    All Mikes videos seem to be so simple to follow and his presentation makes you want to follow.... Where were you when I was at school?
  • mr_os
    OMG! a computerphile that actually shows some code! Is it christmas or something?
  • Gooberslot
    It seems weird that he's using the Ubuntu machine for browsing and the Windows machine for serving.
  • NeatNit
    One of my favorite computerphile videos in recent memory!
    Will you cover how servers would defend against this technique?
  • Jelle Verest
    People calling themselves hackers because they did a DDoS attack, is like people calling themselves lock pickers for blowing up the safe.
  • I love these kinds of videos. My favorite one is when tom scott talked about the NTP attack method.
  • cheeeeez
    I’m really amazed by the depth of knowledge that Dr Pound has. He knows everything from SQL injection to DoS to image recognition to neural networks etc
  • Lewis B
    I could listen to Dr Pound explain things for hours. Such an interesting video! Thanks for the upload Computerphile :)
  • May
    I love the videos with Dr Pound, he's always so enthusiastic and speaks clearly.
  • Thomas Gourley
    I love Mike's videos explaining how to do these attacks! I would never do them (I don't want to go to jail :) ), but they are really interesting. Keep 'em coming!
  • .rzr
    My God, this guy is so freaking amazing.
  • Dr. Mike Pound: writes 67 lines of codes and breakes a site
    Me: writes 5000 lines of codes and my program is still useless.
  • mortenmoulder
    I want Mike to explain RUDY as well! The most common DDoS attack methods would be awesome to hear more about. He explains it very nicely!
  • MMQuck
    it would make things so much easier if viruses actually had the .virus extension like at 0:45
  • Rem
    Wow that's such a clever attack.
  • Sebastian Suarez
    I love how excited he is about this DoS and explaining it. The explanation really helped with my studies for CEH! THanks!