undertale fallen down but youre stuck in the panic room - Slowed Reverb 1 Hour

Published 2021-09-12

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  • *An umbrella?

    *But it's not raining.

    *You know, that does make me feel a little bit better about this.

    *Thank you.

    *Please forget about me.
  • sarsha kearns
    It feels as if, sitting in the rain with song on loop. You no longer longer feel cold and damp, you feel warm and loved.
  • echo flower
    This song feels so empty, calming, comforting and numb at the same time. Feels like a dissociation to me: a short escape from the reality, a time when there is no time, there's no you; a break from all the hurting, you won't feel pain but you will feel absolutely nothing, just some emptiness. Just some comforting cease of all that pain and all loud emotions and thoughts. Feels like floating in space with Blook. Happily hoping for a time where you won't feel pain without having to not feel anything. It gives me sadness, numbness and hope. Thank you for this, Toby. ❤
  • Сара мяв
    I love to go out on the balcony on a rainy evening and turn on this soundtrack. Very relaxing and makes you forget about all the problems ..
  • Preston White
    This is a song that should play when the world ends.(edit i didn't know but i'm on the top of the comments for once and thanks for that.)
  • •☯Mercy☯•
    This song will always be my comfort song, sometimes it makes me realize that it’s okay to be sad, other times it cheers me up when I’m angry, upset, frustrated, annoyed, or even worried or anxious. This song is helping me to realize that even though I’m going through depression it’ll hopefully be okay in the end, and it happens to everyone. This version of the song really helps me to think of that because it’s not overwhelming unlike some other songs, this one is slowed perfectly and the mumbled part makes it better to think about things that are happening. This is really helping me to feel more calm about things that are happening in life.
  • cLooDz
    I can't tell if this feels me with serotonin or sorrow. I want to cry but there's just that one spark of hope in me but I don't know what it is
  • Heizou Simp
    For me, this feels like bittersweet childhood nostalgia. Well, I’m still a child and have many years until I’m not one. But the feeling of growing up to fast and not feeling the innocence that we associate with childhood is a better way of describing it. Undertale was very much a comfort game to me for many years, even now. I’ll always find comfort in underground where lovable monsters go about their day waiting for the moment they get to see the sun. Undertale taught me so many things about myself and was the first ever time I realized I could connect with others through media. Undertale shaped who i was today and it will always be my home, even if im far away from my house. Thank you undertale, and thank you Toby fox.
  • the_Ramen_fox
    I am here after learning about the passing of a legend, his name was Technoblade. Technoblade was an influencer, a warrior, and a brave soul. He was a talented person who always knew how to make people smile. Technoblade was and forever will be, a legend. Long live the king of Minecraft. May he Rest In Peace. 🥀👑
  • Micaleh Boothe
    This accurately describes what i hide away from others and keep in my mind all day every day. Sadness, fear, stress, and others. I hide it away and put a smile on display for all to see, so others won't suffer as well. Every morning i wake up and tell myself "put on happy face for all to see, and push your sadness away" but it's not easy, life is stressful and you have to deal with it and keep going because if you stop now, you'll encourage others to do the same.
  • Bunny
    This song feels like hopelessness, apocalypse(...)everything you have is gone, everything you can do has been erased, and you fear that you might die alone. But at the same time it's rather peaceful and quiet, you no longer have responsibilities, you don't have pressure, nothing relies on you anymore, everything else has faded away and the life of the universe is gone, you can see the dead stars dimly shining through, gently caressing you in a cold, yet somewhat lukewarm embrace, and you can feel the lungs you once had use for empty, you're floating along an empty universe with only the cadavers of it's previous self greeting you to your own, endless demise
  • Emma W
    While listening to this, I just sort of… started crying silently. I don’t really know why. Usually I cry when I’m sad or stressed, but here… it’s just a calm, solemn happiness.

    Also I just realized, this video is the 5000 video I’ve ever “liked” on YouTube, so that’s a cool mini-milestone.
  • floopster
    I've showed this song to some of my friends, and they all feel different emotions while listening to it. One said it sounded calming, while another said it sounded unnerving. In my opinion, it sounds like an overwhelming calmness, like learning to accept something you've been dreading your whole life, until the feeling of dread becomes more and more subtle and a feeling of hope and tranquility washes over you. You can rest, knowing there's nothing left to face. You can relax not having to carry the burden and fear of what's going to happen. Until another fear comes and the cycle repeats (I feel like this happens with the looped version more so than the others). I think the name fallen down has a meaning too. Of course we have the main story of undertale and how the human fell into the underground, but also in the reprise. In the reprise we have more closure to the song than to the first version. Even though we have been pushed by fears and problems and we fall down, that we always get up. Even through our darkest hour we still recover.
    I might be reading too much into this but it was really fun to write! I hope everyone out there no matter why your here that your doing all right. No matter how big or small your problems are, just know your going to be okay.
  • lipa ytb
    Меня так восхищает, но одновременно грустно от того, сколько людей собралось здесь, в комментариях, чтобы поведать о своей печали.
    На самом деле я чувствую то же самое при прослушивании fallen down. Безысходность. Такая родная, манящая, страшная. Хочется, чтобы эта мелодия сопровождала меня всю жизнь. При ней так хочется существовать. Не могу точно описать, но... Это, очевидно, работает. Я просто хочу остаться на этой космической стороне фандома undertale. Я люблю это.
  • Ayoimcake
    Let me describe what this song makes me feel: my heart feels oddly cold, you know when your feeling strong emotions and You feel like your heart drops? Yeah that, a bit of chills, and a healthy amount of tears.
  • Soyboystan
    This song is the musical incarnation of losing somebody very significant to you, and reminiscing about their memory after the fact. It perfectly balances that feeling of acceptance and denial, with a hint of squeezed lemon.
  • SALT
    duuuudde i remember listening to fallen down slowed like a year ago and listening to this again just unlocked a whole new level of nostalgia (it also reminds me of how late i stayed up just to finish the pacifist run in undertale)
  • Bunny
    This feels...depressing...nostalgic...and stressful, while it sounds so calm. What even is this feeling?
  • Douma
    You hear this song and you feel warm and comforted, It fills you with DETERMINATION