Eminem - Rap God (Explicit)

Published 2013-11-27
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Credits below
Video Director: Rich Lee
Video Producer: Justin Diener
Video Producer: Kathy Angstadt

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  • @Qingo10
    Now change the speed to x2 and have your brain explode.
  • Me: what's the WiFi code My friend: its on the back of the router The back of the router: 4:25
  • @hyped4554
    Eminem: opens a school for rappers Students: breathe Eminem: sorry, we don't do that here
  • @Idk-wf7vz
    Boss ‘why should you be in this job?” Eminem “inhales”
  • Fans: learns to rap Rap God Eminem: Releases Godzilla Fans: Fu-
  • Teacher: “The listening part won’t be hard” The listening part:
  • @armo5637
    "The singing test isn't that hard don't worry" The singing test:
  • @blake666666
    Everyone : this Song is about to reach a billion ..., Eminem : its time to release Godzilla
  • @BGMI_PRO316
    Oxygen: I am most Important thing for humans Enimen: sorry, but who are you
  • All I know is someday Hailey's kids are gonna have the coolest grandfather of all time!
  • @kingsurgaleo1
    Start of the Decade: Eminem End of the Decade: Still Eminem
  • @Wolve_Team
    Teachers: You can’t survive without Oxygen.. Eminem: Bet..