20 Times LeBron James Shocked the World!

Published 2022-08-12
20 of the best LeBron James moments in his career.

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  • Ben Stallion
    You don't have to outperform, just survive, is a lesson I've learned from my first bear market. You will be the only one left and in a better position if you can survive and let your rivals blow themselves up.
  • Tamara Yisrael
    This man is simply amazing. So amazing. I could never get enough of LeBron.
  • StevenC32
    I have been following the NBA since the 70s, and LeBron has renewed my love for the game. He has the vision and passing ability of Magic Johnson, the athleticism of Michael Jordan and the body of Karl Malone. You put that package together and you have one of the greatest players of all time. This coming season he will break Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's points scored record, which has stood for nearly 40 years, and he will also pass Magic Johnson's career assist mark too. To pass Kareem and Magic at what they did best is truly amazing, Jordan didn't come anywhere close to Kareem points scored record, and was nowhere near Magic Johnson's assist mark. But LeBron will break both in the same season.
  • Richmond Pulse
    will never forget that block in the finals. So epic.
  • EIRE
    This video is UNREAL! I can't imagine how much effort goes into this, the edits are so clean man.... Best video so far on this channel and i have been following you for months.
    Top notch content from dime, as always! 🔥🔥🔥
  • Jason Wilson
    This is top tier content, so much put into it! Kudos!
  • RedHeadRGR
    he is the most complete player, ever. dude can dominate in all 5 positions. talent alone is not enough to be as great as he is.. he's got the gene, IQ, mentality, and work hard too.

    plus he is just a good person outside the court, and a great family man. idc about how many rings he has, he is my greatest player of all time. the player i look up to when i was growing up, along with kobe.
  • vance vance
    Lebron laughing at klays comment is my favorite basketball moment of all time😆
  • SpongeOogABooga
    Dime is so underrated, commentary and editing is peak 👌🏻
  • Ochir Enkhtur
    Haters like: anyone can do these things in 20years
    But no one can play 20 year with this potential
  • Ja Morant
    LeBron is so legendary that the moment where he simply JUMPED over a person and scored a dunk is only in 15th place💀🐐
  • Donald daffy
    You got a new subscriber because this video has all the feels. Do more like these please? Respect bro
  • Atomyi
    that fade away out of bound, off the glass buzzer beater he did against the wizards is so underrated, no one talks about it, that shot is insane
  • Yash
    Man MJ had the "I'm ready to come out of retirement" face.
  • Gloria CECE
    Probabably THE best LeBron tribute video i have ever watched though u forgot the 3's he sank against Washington to force the overtime.
  • life by Bill
    I watched every second of the 2016 NBA finals, including both press conferences when Klay said what he said and then LeBron laughing at what Klay said. I knew LeBron wasn't laughing because he thought it was funny, he was laughing because he knew that Klay, and by extension the Warriors had just screwed the pooch and woke up a sleeping giant.
  • bSTOEfoesho84
    Knowing the story behind #3 makes it even better 😂