EST Gee - Backstage Passes ft. Jack Harlow (Directed by Cole Bennett)

Published 2022-09-16
Lyrical Lemonade Presents

EST Gee - Backstage Passes (feat. Jack Harlow)

Stream "I Never Felt Nun"

Directed & Edited by Cole Bennett
Song Produced by Pooh Beatz & Nik Dean

Guest Appearance: Andrew Callaghan of Channel 5

Executive Producer: Jake Millan
Producer: Krista Worby
1st AD: Kelo Thompson
Director of Photography: Brett Arndt
Production Designer: Cody Fusina

VFX Touchups & Color: Scissor Films
Title Sequence: Ian Lawrence
Photos: James Baxter

Camera Operator/Steadicam: Christopher Pinto
1st AC: Eric Gaunt
1st AC: Michael Tursi
2nd AC: Josh Montiel
DIT: Josh Campbell
Crane Tech: Corey Kiefer
Crane Tech: Erik Covarrubias
G4/Operator: Brett Folk
Sound: Joesh Wright
Stunts: Josh Tessier
Car Supplier: Wires Only

Gaffer: Tristan Moffatt
Key Grip: Nick Herman
BBE: Aitor Uribarri
SLT: Travis Moffatt
SLT: Dalton Groves
BB Grip: Matt Haycox
Grip: Mikey Tell
Grip: Daniel Kusenda
Board Op: Chris Van Lieshout

Art Team:
Mitchell Dillon
Emmett Tekstra
Lauren Boucher
Joshua Eisenberg
Sameer Nagra
Ali x Holst

Production Coordinator: William Matthieu
2nd AD: Ryan Davis
PA: Charles Roberts
PA: McKay LeDuke
PA: Robert “RB” Blair
PA: Saeed Chabayta
Crafty: Rodrigo Lopez Becerra
Playback: DJ Kai

Wardrobe: Rasheeda Lalsingh
Artist Glam: Tess Lungulow


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All Comments (21)
  • DankScole
    Everything from the flow to the visuals are hitting. That back and fourth and scene switching 🔥🔥🤌🏾
  • corl
    Est gee potential is crazy, his voice and lyrics so raw
  • spark9
    Andrew Callaghan is the biggest cameo in a music video, ever.
  • F R
    Jack Harlow and EST GEE are so amazing together. I actually want to see them do a whole album together.! 🫥
  • EpicDonutDude
    Nice to see channel 5 still getting their rap content
  • Hodan Hassan
    I’m loving the part where they go back and forth, very enjoyable to hear.
  • dotniiko
    The Andrew Callaghan cameo when Jack and est gee were going back and forth was pretty clever.
  • Sergio Melendez
    “Used to field trips up to Gattis. Used to road trip to the Natty.” Jack and EST Gee are Louisville through and through
  • The best part of Jack's success is he always looks like he's having fun. Even in his ring dinger vid his smile shines. Keep up the great work. You are an inspiration.
  • Kayla Gorrano
    This song and “Clover Cage - Lost Then Found” are the two songs keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better. We are in this together..I love you ❤️
  • Matis Descoteaux
    EST is near getting the respect he deserves. but it still isn’t enough
    it’s crazy to see louisville rappers getting the recognition they deserve frfr
  • NinjaWolf
    I loved that song it’s definitely going to be added to my Spotify playlist
  • Joshua D
    I wish Jack would understand this the jack we need, flows crazy, lyrics on braggadocio, just can’t miss when he’s rapping like this
  • chance
    I wish more rappers would do the back and forth 🔥
  • Kedo
    This is one of Jack's hardest verses 🔥🔥
  • TEXMEX_13
    Cole Bennett is such a creative person, he's videos are always amazing, you can see the dedication and how good he does he's job!.. Cole Bennett for President!!!!
  • Big Succ
    Jack and Gee been dropping bangers together before either of them blew up, dope to see them succeeding together.
  • Crazy how with a trained ear, you can hear the influence of location on their flows. You can tell they come from the same area, because every region from the east to west coast has their own bit of uniqueness to em! Glad we get to finally hear these two elevate one another on a track like this. Jack and Gee are some of the rawest rappers in the game right now! I hope they realize that they are inspiring a whole new wave of rappers to begin their path in making music including myself! I hope some day I can get an audience for my music as big as they have, but for now, I just gotta stay grinding 🔥💪🏼