Pakistan Did Their Best to Lose | #T20WorldCup | #INDvPAK | Shoaib Akhtar

Published 2024-06-09
Pakistan Did Their Best to Lose | #T20WorldCup | #INDvPAK | Shoaib Akhtar


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All Comments (21)
  • Admit it, We all from India wait for this video after each pakistan loss 🤣🤣🤣
  • India gifted the victory to Pakistan but Pakistan refused 😂😂😂
  • Pakistan's cricket didn't improved, but Shoaib Bhai's english has improved😊
  • @A_K63
    'Very disappointed' is permanent 😂
  • I didn't expect this I saw 119 and slept thinking India losing,then in morning I checked the scorecard,India won❤🎉
  • Every Pakistani fans have to agree that Pakistan has become an average team like srilanka & bangladesh
  • @Rocky45415
    Being an Indian i would say that rizwans wicket was the turning point 👉
  • Everything is temporary...coming to this channel after IND vs Pak is permanent!!
  • We haven't forgotten Your word Shoib akhtar after IND vs Pak match in 2021 " Hindustan ko asi hi feta parna chahiya tha"
  • @paramshah4739
    I switched off the TV and went to sleep after Pak were 57-1 in 10 ovs. Thought that it'd be an easy win for them. But boy oh boy, you wake up in the morning and see that, yea, Pakistan played like Pakistan once again😂
  • @iconicT52
    Need 120 runs on 120 balls, 88 on 81, 56 on 50, 36 on 30 in the end 18 runs on 6 Balls! Only Pakistan Can do this 🙌
  • @CioerKieov
    We still remember what You said, Shoib Akhtar, following the 2021 India vs. Pakistan game: "Hindustan ko asi hi feta parna chahiya tha."
  • @ktm-08
    Canada ireland soch rhi hogiii....lage haath pak ko hum bhi pel dete he😂😂😂😂
  • @arunraju9705
    India was like "We messed up" and then Pak comes along says "Hold my beer"
  • अऊल भाई राउलचिंडी एस्टपरेस ,, ता हाल है 😂😂
  • I didn't expect it till night but when I woke up it was unbelievable.