JJD - Ocean

Published 2015-10-17

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  • Papi420
    Never heard of u, but damn this is some high class music right here! Keep it Up! :D
  • ZFlawless1
    SMASH THE LIKE BUTTON!! such a great song
  • Zaaron Gaming
    This is an awesome song! The drops in this are awesome, they are really good for making YouTube videos, thanks for providing great music JJD!
  • Klarity
    Hey JJD! This is some really awesome music you have going on here in this channel man! Do you mind if maybe sometime I could use some of this music, especially this one, in some of my videos? :D
  • aventrus.
    Love you JJD! All your music Inspires me!
  • JJD
    Hey everyone, my next track wil take a little longer, I'm sorry. Because of this, I decided to give you this old track I made more than a year ago.
    Have fun x)
  • Brian Cheung
    This song is epic. I used to listen to it everyday for motivation
  • Unknown House
    JJD, you're amazing! <3 This tune is so great :)
  • Ardens
    The old JJD is back, yayyy ! :D
  • GamePray
    i swear i can't hear a bad music coming from you man, lol, really good!
  • TD DarkHun
    man u're amazing i love your songs they re just incredible u're so talented in creating this music and your music is just incredible keep doing this great songs:)
  • FenxyMusic
    really really amazing track, hope to hear some more amazing beats from you soon!!
  • Meable
    This is probably one of the best sounding songs I've ever heard
  • Whitemist
    Dude, I LOVE your songs! <3
    Keep it up! Subbed and liked! :)
  • Itachi Uchiha
    Your Music is so damn good. I love u and ur music. Every Track is awesome and incredible.
    Keep up the good work :3
  • Clem L
    Great !! JJD you make awesome songs !!