Sped up songs that have such a good vibe its illegal

Published 2022-06-06
Sped up songs that have such a good vibe its illegal

#kenkills #spedup #goodvibes

♥️ charac†er: random cute emoji which i found on pinterest


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  • Ana

    ● Harry Styles 《As it was》 0:00
    ● Calvin Harris,Katty Perry, Pharrell Williams, Big Sean 《 Feels》2:27
    ● Demi Lovato 《Cool for the summer》5:34
    ● Kate Bush 《Running up that hill(A deal with god)》 8:29
    ● Sickick 《Mind Games》 12:28
    ● Sơn Tùng M-TP 《 Chạy Ngay Đi》 15:55
    ● Megan Thee Stallion & Dua Lipa 《Sweetest Pie》18:38
    ● Dua Lipa & Calvin Harris 《 One Kiss》 21:59
    ● Chase Atlantic 《Swim》 24:53
    ● The Weeknd 《 The Hills》 27:28
    ● French Montana 《 Unforgettable》30:59
    ● The Neighbourhood《Sweater Weather》34:14
  • s a v a n n a h
    it's hard for any social media to really make me feel as much joy as music does, there's so much negativity and your channel is a perfect place for me to get away from it all; thank you. :)💗
  • trinzzzzzzz
    i try listening this while studying, but i ended up dancing like crazy here in my room, instead of focusing in my study
  • Avewyy
    Wakes up, puts headphones on, BLASTS THIS PLAYLIST INTO MY EARS
  • TheVxillan
  • Alp
    the only playlist that does not repeat the song over again like 15 times and im actually enjoying it from the first song to the last <3
  • Bumble_Bee
    I had one of the worst days today that I’ve had in a while but this playlist put me in a great mood :)
  • Awesome Artsy
    This playlist makes me feel vibes I’ve never felt before thank you, it’s a great place to get rid of negativity
  • fkyou
    good vibe playlists like this, lofi ones, 3am ones, it puts everyone in a good mood, even when drawing, studying, sleeping, anything!. am i right?
  • Emo Black Girl
    Its cool to me how music can completely change my mood . like I was having a breakdown and then I decided to play this and felt better thanks for this💗💗
    me encanta la musica la ocupo para dibujar y me encanta :)
  • •lilac•
    i love all these❤️ the only one missing is “hug me” that song makes me so happy and brings a sorta nostalgic feels

    oh and i just thought of tek it! that songs great as well
  • gleeplays
    When I once got ready for school and listened to this I felt like a dance party and I love listening to this during chores!
  • Yuka Jensen
    you know it's gonna be a good playlist when it's made by kenkills 😎
  • maya machiz
    think about it,
    if ur crying, this playlist helps
    if ur studying, this playlist helps
    if ur happy, this playlist helps
  • netfelix
    ngl this is the only good playlist that doesn't repeat the same song over and over again💜💜💜
  • Mothy
    Finally a playlist that actually has a vibe this is so good!!!❤️
  • San - san
    Cooking at 12am while listening to this! 100% THE VIBE😆
  • Canelita
    nunca hay suficiente volumen para escuchar estas canciones osea son arteee😍😍😍
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