Buffalo snowstorm 2022: Unbelievable 77 inches of snow!

Published 2022-11-19
A dangerous lake-effect snowstorm dropped more than 6 feet of snow on parts of Buffalo, New York and caused several deaths.

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All Comments (21)
  • CAHG
    As a retired snow plow driver,I don’t miss the job when seeing this amount of snow.Even tandem trucks couldn’t push this amount.Those operators/drivers are going to need a lot of patience and understanding from the public.Good luck to them and the citizens of Buffalo and New York State.
  • Nodrog skram
    I hope everyone stays safe! Im a plow driver in PA and I couldn’t even imagine that. We had 33 inches a few years back in one storm and that was a nightmare I’ll never forget .
  • Lucas Konkoski
    My prayers go out to Buffalo residents and workers during this tragic snowstorm this past week.
  • Tammy Van Winkle
    Safe wishes, warm thoughts and comforting prayers to all affected by this epic storm! Be there for each other, the elderly and disabled. Blessings 🙏🏻
  • koiun dwrru
    They just progressively impress me even more every wave. Absolutely insane!
  • DR_Up_Above
    I remember living in Syracuse, NY back in 2006. They had more than 100 inches of lake-effect snow in Oswego, NY. It was crazy up there from all the shoveling we did. National guards had to be called-in.
  • One of the best things is that he never takes credit for himself when he achieves something. He always respect us, the audience, and his team, and he is always polite in all of his videos. We congratulate ourselves on this achievement. More to come and everything to come : :(
  • Hoai tu
    Thank you Jess for everything you do. Your an amazing person and though a lot of people, including me miss your roleplaying days, Im glad you found something you and everyone else like to day. Thank you Jess, have a lovely night or day! <3
  • pouu ktin
    Praying for everyone! We all love a snow day, but this is more than a snow day! Stay safe. Stay warm!
  • Calvin Grieff
    ive been living here all my life and wouldn't live anywhere else. This kind of thing only happens a few times out of the winter and everyone deals with it very well. Everyone drives good in the snow too, notice how we don't have any pile ups. City does a phenomenal job laying salt and clearing roads. Our summers. springs, and falls are absolutely gorgeous almost every single year and wouldn't live anywhere else. LETS GO BUFFALO!!!
  • This is fantastic news! Glad to be a part of this community and its awesome to see so many people coming together to help others. Mad props to Charlie and everyone who donated to help those who are unfortunate get back to living an actual life! You guys are awesome!
  • Quentin Orozco
    Marks streams have always exceeded our expectations. He has come a very long way and hes still standing stronger than ever.
  • Huynh sang
    The Harry Potter quote and saying she can do what she wants now has me crying, seeing how relived and free she feels. In a world so full of bad endings I'm so happy that, by the looks of things, she got the good one <3 :/
  • Danh Do
    your content never seems to disappoint me,keep it up!
  • A. Anonymous
    And just remember we're still in Fall. This winter is going to be crazy
  • bilinas mini
    Across many accounts and over many years Ive watched Techno go from 2k to 2m, to 10m. This mans amazing humor and personality carried me from elementary to high
  • dsg Fgcx
    I love how sundee manages to keep his old viewers entertained along with bringing new young viewers into the sundee gang
  • Le nhat
    I came back to the greatest minecraft series on this platform after hearing the news today, and I find myself almost forgetting that it all happened. Nothing has had time to sink in. Across many accounts and over many years Ive watched Techno go from 2k to 2m, to 10m. This mans amazing humor and personality carried me from elementary to high school, and always made me feel better when my own life got rough. If I look back through the years, even to the days of the Blitz parody, Techno has a place in my life in every time period and every one of those years, and was truly a source of comfort. We love you Technoblade, and well always be here. Rest in peace, and thank you for all the years.
  • SpideySensei72
    Prayers to everyone back home! Stay safe, stay warm and GO BILLS!
  • Boon MSgt
    Prayers from Florida. Hopefully you all have enough heating fuel etc. Times are tough and this is when we need to check on each other as much as safely possible.