Game Theory: FNAF, BURN Them All (Ultimate Timeline)

Published 2023-03-12

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  • I love how MatPat doesn’t sound like he’s explaining something, but more like he’s telling a story. There’s a lot more emotion poured into these timeline videos.
  • Life of Matthew
    Markiplier: the king of playing FNAF
    MatPat: the king of explaining FNAF
  • Gabriel Abrera
    Damn I remember when the revelation of “the spring-lock suit failed on William because it was in a puddle of water” was a big deal. Now we’re in a four-part timeline series about an entire family affair and a killer’s consciousness being preserved through technology.

    And to think this all started because the fans didn’t want MatPat to talk about Slenderman.
  • GhostTurtle
    I had a dream where fnaf finally ended, and the true ending for the last game was matpat waking up from dream while writing the first fnaf theory, let’s all hope this wasn’t some prophetic dream. For Matpats sake
  • The first game came out when we were 8 or 9. Now we are 18/19, fully grown and our questions being put to rest. My childhood would not have been the same without you, Matpat
  • Coatik
    Its currently 9:30 at night on march 25 but Matpat doesn’t seem to want to comply, lets motivate him with a controlled shock
    Edit: how this dogshit post get this many likes
  • Kayley Rapp
    Henry's closing monologue is still by far the best thing Scott has ever written. No one would ever suspect it came from a FNAF game!
  • Jose Beast 2510
    The fact that MatPat is saying "Hell" and not "H, E, double hockey sticks" shows hoe serious this video is
  • Mega Frost
    I want this to be an audiobook now...this lore is so interesting, and thank-you to MatPat and Team Theorist and this community for making this happen!
  • N_does_random
    Looks like part 4 hasn’t come out yet! Let’s motivate matpat to post with a controlled shock!
  • Janjela
    I'm getting strong magnum opus vibes to this script. Well done to all the writers involved, to the entire Game Theory team.
  • Arce Hiero
    matpat said march 25th but he didnt specify it was on 2023, dang he got us
  • Masqueraide
    Shoutouts to Mike for being able to get so many jobs despite setting so many buildings on fire. He must be great in interviews
  • Ryan Walsh
    2 thoughts:
    Maybe what the crying child saw was a test of the child grabbing suits. That way he would still imagine they had mouths in their stomachs while Elizabeth was still alive.

    Also it would infuriate William even more knowing that if he had installed facial recognition software in his animatronics like Henry did, he could have saved Elizabeth.
  • Brandon
    This full timeline theory so far is making me even more excited for the FNAF movie. If this theory is even 3/4 close to what Scott intended, then this movie could honestly be one of the most tragic and compelling stories in all of horror IF DONE RIGHT.
  • timothy Kock
    Damn, when FNAF and it's theories began, I was 13 y/o. Now I'm 20, nearing 21 and sooo many things have changed. Thank you Matt, you made me feel like a kid again
  • Xerofire
    “The robot spaghetti that once violated his body” was not something I’d think I would hear today
  • turbostuntman
    its actually crazy how all of this ties together so well. What looked like a jumbled mess is now an incredibly deep story.
  • When we all thought it could not be done, MatPat went and made a complete timeline of the world’s most confusing game.
  • zach
    I just realized the "foul odor" ending in FNAF 1 was probably because Michael was working there as a literal rotting corpse