Race Highlights | 2023 Sao Paulo Grand Prix

Published 2023-11-05

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  • @ReindeerD
    I am convinced Leclerc is a social experiment to see just how much pain one man can take
  • @ahsennadeem7309
    The battle for 3rd was perhaps the most exciting stuff I've seen this whole season. Absolutely Epic.
  • @m1co294
    It's been two decades since Alonso has made his debut and yet he's still kicking. A master who never stopped honing his skills. Not only that, he even went to WEC and Indycar and had great results on both when he wasn't racing in F1, he lives and breathes motorsport.
  • @jamesthename8967
    Fernando's race was flawless, such an incredible defence. IQ, tyre managent, everything. I miss him finishing on the podium, this one will be one to remember for a very long time
  • As a Japanese I can’t be any happier cuz my man Tsunoda now constantly gains points😭 He’s finally in the rhythm!
  • @higochumbo8932
    Fernando´s last overtake is a masterpiece. Feints to the inside, timely move to overtake on the outside, ends the move defending the inside in the corner.

  • @user-ic2gg3ri9l
    The old Fernando never disappoints, what a race he’s done
  • @unusualbydefault
    Holding back those tears in the post race interview was way harder than holding back Checo it seems. Alonso once again proves that you dont need x worldtitles to be considered one of the true GOATs. What a racer, what a sly fox. Most intense fight in years. Still, kudos to Checo. Race hard, race fair. Honorable mention: Stroll!
  • @phil4986
    Nobody was keeping Fernando Alonso off that podium. Bravo, Formula One Grand Master.
  • @MichaelGames19
    What an incredible battle by both Alonso and Perez. Alonso is a master of his craft, has to be said.
  • @wongchinkong4505
    Alonso overtake at 6.15 is out of this world. World class performance from old master.
  • @dmarchezi
    Alonso estava sendo entrevistado e Perez chega pra comprimenta-lo, os dois se abraçam, num sinal de respeito e admiração, e também pelo show que proporcionaram. Bela atitude de dois gigantes da F1. Momento inesquecível...
  • @spiderbhyd3
    Leclerc crashing out on the formation lap is the most Ferrari thing ive ever seen
  • @Prashyboby
    I think this drive proves why world titles aren’t the only measure of greatness… bravo checo and Alonso what a fight! Respectful, tactical, entertaining… sad to see Charles and danny missing out
  • @lyonspell
    It's hard to beat Brazil when it comes to a great GP. Never disappoints!
  • @pragalbhpp150
    People who only watched this highlight won't know what a long and intense battle it was ,the last 10 laps
  • @Stathisqq
    At his 42, Alosno is still one of the main (if not the main) attractions of the contest. Unbelievable.
  • @funfetti7194
    I have never felt so bad for Charles, he's had a rough time but him saying "Why am I so unlucky" really made me realize his position.
  • @Ale-kd3ex
    WHAT A RACE WHAT AN AMAZING BATTLE all my respect for checo and Fernando