Drake Is Not Your Savior

Published 2024-05-21
Kendrick isnt mine either. I just think we shouldnt be mad at each other over these two men.

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  • And neither is Kendrick but yet you see him cosplay as the black Jesus all the time! 🤷🏽‍♂️
  • @2tired2sleep2
    Mfs be worshipping Drake, while Drake is worshipping their lil sister
  • @mason8467
    I say, the moment you start bringing up the age of consent to be "technical", you self snitching and already lost the argument
  • @devzeppalin
    The worst “defense”, that I saw at least, was a tweet about the Canadian age of consent is 16. 🤦🏽‍♂️
  • @caden_swanigan
    The fact Drake replied on instagram instantly denying the accusations of having a daughter is just proof that he didn't feed him that information
  • @trebrooks7
    Drake is a “revenge of the nerds” “nice guy turned bad” type of guy. A lot of dudes see themselves in him. So they go hard because he’s them.
  • @djstanley1300
    Ppl like mal who defend drake so passionately probably have more in common with him then they’d be willing to admit…
  • @MoDavison
    The last point is ON POINT. Anyone defending questionable behaviour is also questionable!
  • @bobincognito
    This entire situation taught me that there are actual Drake fans roaming out there 💀
  • @chrisbrooke5854
    Drake wouldn't look at an underage girl twice. Once hes seen one he wont let her out of his sight.
  • Drake is not your savior. Drake fans probs don't know the song reference to be saying Kendrick is not your savior either 😂
  • @blyssstudios
    Is everyone gonna ignore the fact that Dj Ak went on stream and said Drake lied about feeding anyone any info bc he knew his fans would just go with it and he says Drake lied about Dave Free being the father to one of Kendrick's kids!? I don't understand how when the biggest Drake meat rider and Drake himself day something it's gospel but when one of them says they he lied it's ignored 😭
  • @Harrisdescent
    I’ve noticed it’s an overwhelming amount of men who are defending Drake like their lives depend on it. I understand having a favorite artist but you gotta be realistic with it as well. Drake himself knew that Kendrick was going to take the young girl approach because he said as much in Taylormade Freestyle. Like why even bring it up yourself if you don’t see an issue with it? Then he associates himself with people who’s had cases of pedophilia and sex trafficking against them. When everything is said and done and if Drake is found out to be exactly what Kendrick said, I just hope and pray a lot of you all change your stances on your favorite artist rather than regurgitating the same tired arguments about the age of consent.
  • @_FLWRS
    I said “like that” but meant “not like us” at one point my b
  • Drake admitted he liked the song at the end of The Heart pt.6. Plus why are there so many men defending Drake? Where are the ladies, his core fanbase?
  • @LiterallyAndy
    Not only that but people defend him by saying “Oh by the AOC is 16”… THATS STILL A CHILD. He shouldn’t be kissing on kids and talking abt how he likes em grinding their chest on his back like ??? 😭