Blitzø VS Grandpa

Published 2023-09-15
I don’t know what audience this was for but it needed to be made 🎬 Based on characters from the series Helluva Boss by Vivienne Medrano ​⁠@SpindleHorse

Shot by Liam Krug

Puppets by Maggie Roberge

Puppeteer: Jayden Libra

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  • @austinreed5805
    The fact that Brandon got Richard to play in this makes this even better.
  • I can NOT get enough of Blitzø's "EAT $#!T!" and "Hello, old."! Scratch that, everything Blitzø says here is golden! XD
  • @Tigress583
    When grandpa compared Blitzo to a possum I can't tell you how accurate that comparison was!
  • I love the fact that he called blitzø a possum. Moxie “A human called me a possum, I am not a possum!” 😂
  • @jaspercom
    Holy crap, you even had Blitzo use his signature flintlock. Kudos, Brandon.
  • @nxxynx5039
    Love how Brandon goes out of his way to support the series. More than just a voice actor/writer on payroll, seems to genuinely want the show to succeed 🐐
  • @diovinum1133
    Brandon is four out of six characters and Richard was the other two. This video is art
  • Man has brought two communities together for this absolute masterpiece and I’m all here for it!
  • @AmiHieni
    The transition that, until now, we were unaware we needed. Just wonderful.
  • We've gotta see an animated video with Brandon as his characters actually meeting the Helluva Boss characters. Or an episode where they meet him. That would be fire! 🔥
  • I never knew how much I needed this in my life!! I absolutely love seeing you and Richard doing live action skits together!! 🥰
  • @Jackie_Knix
    A crossover we didn’t know we needed but we got

    Edit: Y’all calm down I know he’s the voice of blitzo 💀 im just making a comment
  • @speedymyers
    Brandon rogers returns as an iconic character as grandpa it’s still masterpiece till this day. I haven’t seen Brandon’s content for many years since 2014 but it’s always hilarious
  • @undeadgentalmen
    The cross-over we didn't know we needed until now. Pure fantastic.
  • @kannah102
    “Jesus is my helmet” 😂😂😂😂 I’m dying!! Thank you for this it has yet to stop bringing me laughter!
  • @leoncoben6983
    How the hell did Brandon manage to make a puppet express facial fear without swapping it with another one?
  • The episode we never knew we needed. SOMEONE ANIMATE THIS NOW-