Are they making the right choice? #marathon #bungie

Published 2024-03-21

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  • @shastapineberry
    We hate hero shooters. Let us customize and become our own characters.
  • @voodoo1582
    Halo era Bungie veteran replaced by Valorant dev. Yikes.
  • @DefDEagle
    I am PISSED about hero shooters especially in a title as promising as this. Playing both tarkov and destiny with equally as much time spent I know what kind of customizable options bungie is capable of and it’s a shame that is not the case for marathon
  • @melone8833
    I'm so fed up with Hero shooters, not every game needs to have heroes
  • @mystica3894
    Bungie keeps shooting itself in the leg, salting the wound then amputating itself
  • @goldspartan6594
    Hero shooters definitely do not help with customization (because customization can only go as far as the hero’s niche allows, and it can’t overlap other heros’ niches). Plus hero shooters add another level of balance issues (not only do you have to balance the guns and gear, but now you have to balance the hero’s core abilities). This is a BAD idea all around. Chief wore a helmet for a reason, Rookie wore a helmet for a reason, Six wore a helmet for a reason.
  • @CliffDiverBOA
    Not sure what I would’ve wanted from a new Marathon game but I feel extraction shooter isn’t the right call.
  • You know what would be cool? A single player campaign with memorial characters, deep lore, and layers of conspiracy on top of conspiracy. Kind of like this one trilogy of games Bungie made back in the 90s called “Marathon”.
  • @broggully
    What a punch in the gut honestly darn
  • @CoolSmoovie
    They really turning of my the most unique sci-fi settings of all time into a trendy hero extraction shooter🙄🙄
  • Man just ditch the whole multiplayer aspect entirely and just make a proper Marathon single-player game already. I cannot believe they're wasting Marathon on a trend following multiplayer game.
  • @lightspeed2055
    I'm about halfway through my first playthrough of the first marathon. Idk too too much about the lore but I know it's intense. It feels like pretty despicable spit on the face on the insane innovation, community, and story of the original marathon trilogy
  • @esparttt
    i think one of the reasons i fell in love with tarkov is BECAUSE my guy is a nobody. like he isnt anyone important, he literally got left behind and forgotten. PLUS, the blank slate player-character is great for immersion because that blank slate essentially becomes me, which makes me want to protect him and play better.
  • @Swiftrider2050
    I guess hero shooters are cool, but I think this game’s art style and universe would make having customizable characters incredibly cool. I personally hope they go back on this decision, but I still think this will be a good game
  • @cubirk
    Nice the game just got ruined
  • @Reyhz
    I hate heroes in game nowadays, just let us make a character and customize it like we want. And if you really want to make abilities just let us chose them
  • @Boxoffire59
    The discrepancy between "Selecting from a group of heroes" and Hunt showdown, is that Hunt you still play as literal random generated 'no-bodies'. The MTX ecognizable "heroes" don't even stand out from the regular random hunters you can get from the recruit tab. What gets people worried is that "hero shooter" comes with a lot of baggage that is more than just "we removed individual character costumization for preset models." I.e. stats and abilities and perks tied to those "heroes." Even if players have a choice of choosing different ones. It is implied that play styles, equipment, abilities are tied to characters.