The Bad Guys 2 Is Officially Happening!

Published 2024-04-22
Dreamworks recently announced that they're planning on a sequel to the 2022 film The Bad Guys, and that it's scheduled to release next year. Now I for one, really enjoyed the Bad Guys. It was a breath of fresh air after a few years of lackluster Dreamworks films, with the exception of the final HTTYD installment (and even that was a bag of mixed emotions), so it makes sense that they would want to continue on the clear bandwagon of milking eery franchise under the sun, but it does come with some concerns. Basically, please don't mess this up. Enjoy.

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  • @missplayer30
    The fact that it's coming the same year as Zootopia is a sign.
  • I imagine the next movie is gonna be more mission impossible styled like maybe there actually is a straight up villain organization and Foxington recruits Wolf and tmhis gang into a task force to help them, basically as a, "to catch a criminal, you need to think like a criminal", sorta deal and heck maybe Foxington also uses the task force as a way to reform criminals, like a tame Suicide Squad
  • @orlastarburst
    I’m a little nervous about the sequel, but hey! It can’t be worse that the Christmas special
  • @ruewynnbishop
    Great voice cast, great score, and I love the Lupin the Third vibe throughout.
  • @purplviking6181
    All I want is a scene with wolf and foxington dating. THATS IT. If the movie doesn't have that, don't bother.
  • @DominickSpano
    I like The Bad Guys. The Chriatmas Special stunk. I am a little wary about the plot regarding The Bad Guys struggling to be accepted as good guys. Aw, hopefully the sequel will be great. I like it.
  • I love the bad guys. It’s one of the best films Dreamworks ever made. I’m so excited for the sequel. I just hope Dreamworks does it well.
  • @MasqueradeMaggie
    I’m both excited and scared cause this could be amazing… or end horribly. Either way, can’t wait 😊
  • @AndrewBournias
    Also I hear that zazie said that the second ones even better than the original so it may happen
  • @godzillafan2462
    This Movie better triumph I’m not in the mood for a good movie to be ruined by the sequel
  • @blueraccoon1088
    I swear to primus' name if Diane has a sister who's an international law enforcement i would want to see it happen.
  • @Lucky_9705
    This is great news. A well deserved sequel.
  • @silashurd3597
    And it’s 3 days before my birthday next year! I know exactly what I’m doing for my 21st birthday!😁
  • @firecrakerj3312
    The Bad Guys was the first Dreamworks movie I truly loved since Captain Underpants. While I am excited for a sequel, I too think there might be some missteps and you hit the nail on the head with what those missteps could be. Also, The Wild Robot is the last Dreamworks movie to be animated in-house, not KFP4.