Desi Banks | “When Duty Calls” Short Film

Published 2022-08-04
Desi Banks presents “When Duty Calls”, an original Desi Banks Production.

A group of friends get in too deep when a popular first person shooting game becomes their reality.

Starring Desi Banks, Jock McKissic and Rachael O’Neil, with guest appearances by Michael Peirino, Emma Rumos and Micah Tarver.

Shot by ZoZo Films

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All Comments (21)
  • Desi Banks
    Appreciate y’all watching and let me know what you all think! Yessir!!!
  • Z Melton
    Yo, as a soldier this shid accurate AF! The stupidry, buffonery and shenanigans we do to pass utter boredom in combat zones was legendary. IpU servicemen and women can take the worst scenario and make it a funny memorable encounter. 😄
  • This is hilarious and we gotta acknowledge the fact Desi really making his own lane. Dnt need a network to make good content💯 proud of you big bro
  • Glam Beauty
    Give this man a Netflix deal please. So much talent.
  • KaneFromWakanda
    This literally years ahead of its time. This is taking it to levels other comedians have never thought of
  • Mr J
    The access this man has is legendary. Imagine with a crazy budget
  • fabio edwards
    let this man get a movie or sitcom, watching him grow and perfect his style and form of comedy has been a real pleasure
  • Banks Family
    Dude you nailed it!! From someone who served in the military this brought back some funny moments. Keep doing what you doing✊🏾
  • MartinMech
    Where all my vets and active duty at? I'm loving the scenario Desi got going. All that tough talk act like it 🤣 when shit hits the fan, true colors will show and ain't no choices 💯
  • KJ
    As a veteran, I have to say this was enjoyable to watch 😂
    All Props to Desi .We Deserve a Full movie if Possible 😨
  • operator one
    This is literally how it feels when playing cod 🤣 wicked short film.
  • Charleito
    Ay Ay Ay, as soon as I started this I smiled ear to ear!!! This man is HILARIOUS 🤣💯 this what you call spoiling the fans!!
  • stickshiftt
    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 This man must be recording my team's Warzone matches because this shit was spot on!!!
  • The way I just laughed I almost passed out. Great job Desi and to the fellow cast members, you all did a great job. See you in theaters very soon🙌🏾🙌🏾💖
  • Darvin Charles
    Whoever’s reading this, I pray that whatever your going through gets better and whatever your struggling with or worrying bout is going to be fine and that everyone has a fantastic day! Amen
  • KaiDaKid
    Basically the movie telling us. “You don’t try to make someone else happy, and you never know if they were on the same energy”.🙏🏿
  • Peter Thompson
  • Niche Boateng
    More more please! Acting on point,dude calmly eating through war time what a skill set lol. Great job Desi and crew