Avicii - The Nights

Published 2022-08-09

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  • Number 5
    “Live a life you will remember”
    Trust me you’re remembered.
  • This song puts tears to my eyes everytime I hear it. It's not my dad, but my mom who passed away 2 years ago from cancer. She was inspirational and always encouraging. This song reminded me of her always telling me to go after anything I want out of life! RIP MOM
  • SebAndHorses
    We miss him, he may be gone but never forgotten
    Fly high Avicii
    ◢ ◤
  • “When I die, I want people to remember me for the life I lived.
    Not for the money I made”
    - Avicii ◢ ◤
    Rest In Peace, Legend!
  • Harish
    I was 4 years late to discover this song
    "live a life you will remember"
    "when I died I want to be remembered for who I was, not for the money I made"
    - Tim Bergling 2014 ◢ ◤
  • SharkArts
    Don’t cry because he’s gone,
    Smile because he was here.
    ◢ ◤
  • Chill Box
    Nostalgia is extremely healthy for the brain every now and then
  • Temsula Jamir
    Rip to him 💔😢 but everyone goes away one time ,but everytime we listen to his songs he is with us. Avicci RIP
  • BabyNinja
    His father said one day, he will leave this world behind, and that became a reality. He lived a life we would forever remember. These are the nights that never die. Rip avicii :C
  • Deimos
    I heard this song first time when in in kindergarten. This is incredible. Then i haven't heard it for like 9 years then this masterpiece was in my recommendations. Proud to listen to this
  • 🌙Kokushibo🌙
    "These are the nights that never die"
    "This is a legend that will never die" 😔🥀🕊
  • v hindi gaming
    im a firm believer that people wont miss him for his singing skills they will miss him for the inspiration..Rip Avicci
  • missile935
    A wise person once said, "Don't cry because it's over; smile because it happened."
  • Jorge Luís
    Ouvindo essa música dar uma vontade de viver , sair por aí.... Muito boa
  • Nelson Hobbs
    one of my favorite DJ’s easily. so classy and such nice meanings to his songs. you will be missed ❤️
  • PS
    nice song icung! i've loved this song since i was in middle school
  • The song of my childhood... A melody that evokes memories of it and a completely appropriate text that is connected with childhood and mainly thanks to these songs we have the opportunity to remember to people, experiences and things in better times. well thank you 💖

    2010- 2015 ❤️❤️