Patty Loveless & Chris Stapleton — You Don't Even Know Who I Am — Kentucky Rising | 2022

Published 2022-10-21
Chris Stapleton and Patty Loveless rework Loveless’ Gretchen-Peters-penned-classic “You Don't Even Know Who I Am” as a duet at the special one-night-only benefit concert Kentucky Rising.
(They should release this as a single!)

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  • Cutter 1959
    I don't even think she knows how much she is missed and how much country music needs her back.
  • Rick123691
    If Patty Loveless is retired, her voice damn sure doesn’t know it ! Use it while you’ve got it sister you are a STAR ⭐️ ♥️ 😘
  • Barbra Bonugli
    Patty’s voice is still as great and soulful as it ever was!! Absolutely loved her in the 90’s and what an amazing treasure to hear her with Chris Stapleton. ❤
  • Kip Carr
    The look of gratitude on her face as she looks around realizing she's right back where she belongs. Big props to Chris for pulling her back in to the spotlight for a generation of people that don't really know who she is. Well, she is greatness.
  • billy3287480
    I’ve always thought of Patty Loveless as the female George Strait. She just goes out and makes hits, sings them without a bunch of flashiness and just goes home. She’s a legend.
  • Bryan Brzezinski
    This is how excellent Patty is she didn't know what song Chris was going to play next.
    If you look back on the video she looking at Chris after he asked ( will you do one more) she is trying to think what song is he thinking, then when she recognized it she gives a little smile then goes full mode Patty and nails it like she performed it the day previously asi if she was on tour.
    Just think for a moment that if someone calls you up and asked you to come (out of retirement) to perform and you say sure but to do it at they level she did.
    My lord, this is unbelievable!!
    She truly belongs in the hall of fame!
  • Paula Holden
    She is so missed by country music. No one else like her! Thank u Chris Stapleton❤ beautiful!
  • Cory DeStein
    This needs to be recorded as a duet and Patty Loveless needs back in the spotlight.
  • Walter Londrie
    I grew up listening to the greats of my time: Wynonna, Lorrie, Tanya, Martina, Reba, Pam, Carlene, Mary Chapin, Suzy, Trisha and many more. But Patty holds near and dear to my heart. Her voice exemplifies true country. Come back Patty and share that talent once again! You are a fantastic woman! ❤️
  • commentWhatnow
    Thank you Chris Stapleton for bringing Patty Loveless and her voice back to the stage.
  • WalkenDead1369
    Anybody else want to here a whole album of this or is it just me?
  • Anthony Miller
    Dear Patty,
    King Stapleton .... and everyone who loves genuine Country Music knows who you are.
    You are missed.
    You are loved
    You will never be forgotten.

    Like Stapleton ..... your songs are timeless.

  • Ollie Roger
    The world needs to hear more Patty Loveless and Chris Stapleton. What a performance - right in the pocket! Can’t listen just once.
  • Laura Cobb
    If you love real country music..she doesn't need an introduction...hear her voice ..and you know who is singing..same with one else like them....! Love it!
  • This brings tears to my eyes, it’s so good to hear her voice. I met her as a child. I went to her concert and asked the bouncers if they could give her a letter I wrote. It said I wanted to be a singer like her. They came back and said “why don’t you give it to her yourself” I got to go into a back room where she and others were. I think I even sang for her, she was so sweet and kind to me.
  • 501Bloo
    Patty still got it!!! It wouldn't be 80s and 90s country without her. Huge part of my childhood. Thanks Patty, you still sound like you're on tour. Kudos to Chris and patty on this one!
  • srvlover044
    There is only a handful of people that can sing, live and sound this fantastic, and Chris and Patty are two of them… I’m so happy to hear her voice again.
  • Amanda Veal
    How can you sound exactly the same? Man I love you Patty!! You are so amazing! 💜💜 thank you Chris Stapleton for this beautiful moment.
  • She is so humble and still has that great voice as always. Good people age gracefully and she is definitely good people.
  • Tammy Winn
    I mean come on!!!!!!!!!! Patty - we love you! This is a fantastic duet! They NEED to release this together!!! Almost makes me cry!!!!!!