10 Hours of Relaxing Music - Sleep Music, Cello & Piano Music for Stress Relief (Zoe)

Published 2020-04-22
10 Hours of Relaxing Music - Sleep Music, Cello & Piano Music for Stress Relief (Zoe)

Title: Zoe
Artist: Ocb Relax

The OCB (One Conscious Breath) relaxing music series help you calm down. These music are great for relaxing, meditation, yoga, massage, studying, reading, sleeping, healing, stress relief, working and more. Original, calming and peaceful tunes created and uploaded to YouTube every week.

Music and Filmed by OCB Relax
Video edited by OCB Relax
Thumbnail: licensed from Sergey Peterman via 123rf (edited)
Producer: Ferenc Hegedus
Video reference number: 179
All music and footage are under the authority of Ocb Relax
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All Comments (21)
  • I'm happy to share this relaxing music 'Zoe' | Have a wonderful day or night and thank you for listening!
  • Crimson Iron
    It's beautiful. With PTSD it's a struggle to quiet the mind and the constant "go" feeling. I've listened for 5 nights now and it's helping me get to sleep. Which is outstanding. I truly appreciate your effort in posting this. I know you're helping at the least 1 person. So thank you.
  • D Fraser
    This music is especially helpful to people with migraines. It doesn’t have the high pitched notes that aggravate my headache. This is the only music I can tolerate with a migraine. It is so healing. Thank you!
  • JoAnne
    This is absolutely beautiful. I often play a lot of your compositions. I really find that rain, piano and other instruments together make for a great sleep!! If you added rain to this one, I’d be in ABSOLUTE HEAVEN. I’ll keep looking for it
  • WhiteH422
    I am in mourning for my son that pasted on 9/17/21 of a diabetic seizure. It was so unexpected he was 47. Your music open the flood gates as I remember all the good times. Thank you for your beautiful music. <3
  • Just how I like rain sounds without thunderstorms and lightning ⚡️ also that it is for 10 hours. I really enjoyed it. This will be my every night sound. 😊
  • Sherry J Brown
    So beautiful and calming. I suffer from complex regional pain syndrome. 24/7 I am in pain. This along with deep breathing and meditation gives me enough relief to fall asleep most nights. Thanks for sharing it.
  • It's absolutely relaxing to listen to this calm piano music, thank you very much! 💝🙏💥
  • This music is so beautiful. I feel the joy of a child being rocked by mother, comforted by her love, safe in her arms. Music well worth listening to and relaxing until overcome by sleep.
  • Diane Jordinae
    I asked for it and got it!!! This household relishes the CELLO, PIANO AND SOMETIME 🎸 ALL IN ALTO RAGE FOR sleep!!! Thank you sooo much. No high puercing sounds to jar... You did good on this one!!!👏 WOW.
  • Bubgum00
    This is the most beautiful music I’ve heard. If I was trying to give the word perfect a description….This music would be it. The cello and piano are at lower tones which is the way relaxing music should be. Thank you for posting it. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Thank you for the wonderful music 🤗👌 It's perfect for relaxing and sleeping.
  • Great stuff...the blend of both instruments gives it a lot of definition...violin would also work...love it..thank you..
  • The music is peaceful.. So immensely during stressful times. Thank you for making this video, Excellent work 💐🎼🎻
  • Bonnie Cruse
    Beautiful, calming, soothing. Thank you for sharing! Great even during my Quiet Time & Prayer Time- not distracting but enhancing
  • Jose Vitar
    Esta música maravillosa te eleva, parece que escuchándola estás viajando por el tiempo observando lo que parece un sueño!
  • Thank you for the wonderful music! We listen to your music channel every night during sleeping time :)) 🍀🍀