Lil Uzi Vert - Just Wanna Rock [Official Music Video]

Published 2022-11-18
Lil Uzi Vert - Just Wanna Rock
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Directed by Gibson Hazard
Executive Creative Director – Oliver Cannon
Video Commissioner – Joseph Boyd
Executive Producers – Liam Akiva, Harrison Corwin, Jamil Davis
Production Company – House of Hazard x ShotClock
Producer – Jagger Corcione
Production Manager – Louis Moreschi
DP – Cory Burmester
Creative Consultants – Chris Villa, Garrett Bruce
3D Animation – Reduciano
VFX – Black Hat VFX / Rick Lancaster
Editors – Gibson Hazard, Kenny Shimm, Chris Villa
Sound Design – Gibson Hazard, Ayo Doudson, Reduciano
Production Coordinator – Maryam Eldeeb
Production Coordinator – Frank Scott
Office Coordinator – Teresa Plascencia
1st AD – Marc Kelly
2nd AD – Ian Kelly
2nd 2nd AD – Deighton McKoy
1st AC – Manny Rodriguez
2nd AC – Percio Luciano
1st AC – Dan Rodriguez
2nd AC – Lawrence Odusanya
Steadicam – David Quateman
Gimbal Tech – Keith Ferreira
Drone Op – Aero Cine
Gaffer – Wayne McElroy
BBE – Mike Intile
Electric – Eddie Lorenzo, Claire Halloran, Jonathan Charles
Board Op – Ki Hwang
Key Grip – Patrick Pockets
BBG – Ace Vargas
Grip – Ben LeMon, Joshua Deveaux, Jessenia Zambrano
Production Designer – Ilana Portney
Art Coordinator – Hailee Mcclelland
Art Assistant – Syédah Butler
Art PA – Emily Simon
Truck PA – Jariel Maria
Office PA – Madison Baker
Set PA - Dash Porter, Victor DeCastro, AJ Roberts, Mike Lee, Peter Aiken, Shawn Aiken, Cody Terreson, Alex McPartland
Pass Van Driver - Sabrina Alvarez
Moho Driver - Abel Figueroa
Titles – Reduciano
Colorist - Josh Bohoskey, Matt Osborne
Lil Uzi Vert Grooming – Tenelle Veira
Label – Atlantic Records
Dance created by @drewjeeezy
Special thanks to Michael Simpson

Street videographers:

Special thanks to our TikTok dancers!

#LilUziVert #JustWannaRock

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All Comments (20)
  • @ssscout
    the visuals on this are insanely nice
  • @opethdan2408
    Such a minimalist and simple song approach yet vibes so hard! Definitely sets the mood for everyone on a night out. Brilliant
  • I've listened to this about 11 times today and still not bored of it... crazy that it's been 8 month's already since this banger came out 🔥
  • @HaydenHero
    When he said “Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn,” I felt that on a spiritual level. Truly a master lyricist.
  • @Knox242
    I haven’t seen a music video this good in a while
  • This is the type of song we're gonna listen again for the nostalgia. What a mood
  • @AshMagic
    uzis dance moves are something else😂
  • @comfylys5401
    I hate that I like this soooo much😂 This song will always get me moving even when im 90😅 He did something here that I can not explain. Amazing sound!
  • @nikkacannon5239
    I love how this beat comes through and drops 🥴 "chills"
  • I love this jam and the fact that he's wearing a Sade tshirt. It's a confirmation that he knows what great music is!❤👍
  • @kusff6999
    Probably have to say one of the masterpiece he made ❤️❤️❤️🇳🇵
  • @DYLAN_
    This music vid is so iconic
  • @djnate1075
    When he did the chicken little dance on top of the car, I felt that. Truly a masterful artist, and choreographer.