Destroy Lonely - if looks could kill (Official Music Video)

Published 2023-05-24
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Director: JMP
Executive Producer: Joey Szela & JMP
Creative Producer: Andrew Percival
Line Producer: Vaughn Dawson
1st AD: Shawn Mclaughlin
Production Company: Paperwork Studio LLC
DP: Franklin Ricart Jr.
1st AC: Daniel Rodrguez
2nd AC/Loader: Calen Cooper
Camera PA: Mathilde Suissa
Steadicam: Kyle Fasanella
Gaffer: Joel Wolter
BBE: Jared Pesarson
Key Grip: Dan Hourihan
BBG: Qwen King
Swing: Joe LaStoria
Post Supervisor: JMP
Editor: David-Anthony Baez @ StrangeNature
VFX: RFX Media
Colorist: Josh Bohoskey @ Visuals Creatures
Art Dept: Matt Vinci
Background Styling: Davon King & Jaak Bessette
Pyro Tech: Bobby Sheridan
Location Manager: Garret Mernick
Set Medic: Jackson Palmer
Set Security: Miles Goad
Wardrobe PA: Aiden Miller
Key PA: Rex Morfador
Truck PA: Diego Martinez
Cast: Joey Leon
Cast: Yung Ohm
Cast: Pat Brennan
Cast: Zack Lefter
Cast: Sam Kimmerle
Cast: Andrea Sweezy

Film Stock, Develop & Scan by Kodak Film Lab Atlanta
Special Thanks to Panavision NYC

#DestroyLonely #iflookscouldkill

Music video by Destroy Lonely performing if looks could kill. © 2023 Opium/Interscope

All Comments (21)
  • Cameron Land
    Its rare that a music video fits the song better than what fans already imagined for themselves.
  • Ausar.23
    These large steps being made by Lone is solidifying himself as a world renowned artist!
  • Rollboy Rouge
    My grandmother was on her death bed, and on her last breath she whispered in my ear "play If Looks Could Kill" , I played it then she inhaled a deep breath, took off her breathing tubes, poured a cup of wock & was feeling better than before! All thanks to Destroy Lonely! You saved my grandma! Thank you Bobby!
  • Fizzex
    150 years later still feels fresh to my ears thank u mr lone
  • Sarah Eubanks
    Destroy Lonely is the GOAT! IDC if destroy Lonely was using that AUTHENTIC VIEWS dawwwt cawwwm to get mad exposure on all of their socialz, like fr fr which artist aint using them these days?
  • ohk
    Wow! whoever you are destroy lonely, you will forever be a hero. My son who is currently 12 wanted me to play this song for his birthday party. Now my son doesn't really get along with other kids, but this songs changed him. Everybody was all up on him chanting, "OPIUM, OPIUM, OPIUM." I think this is some type of religious thing. Thank you very much Mr. Lonely.
  • Lone is truly an artist, not some lazy person just trying to secure a bag, he’s a genuine visionary and he proves it consistently
  • Marcus Moody
    I was blessed to witness Uzi and Carti rise to their heights throughout my time in high school. All the leaks, the rumors of 16*29, the beef and eventual reunion on stage during rolling loud. Now, I’m going into my final year of college and can see the impact Destroy Lonely will have on the culture surrounding rap as he seamlessly blends alternative and punk into his music and style. To the younger fans, don’t take these moments for granted. We witnessing history.
  • X5LLY
    Its been 4 years and this still goes hard 🔥
  • Rely
    Thank you lone. I now have something to listen to as I ride my bike of flames into the sunset like the alpha wolf. 🔥🔥🔥
  • vnmpire
    wow after 18 years , im still able to come back and enjoy this cinematic masterpiece. such a classic film
  • Came here after listening to the song “Dupe - Balling” 🔥🔥🔥
    Man nobody doing it like Lone, it’s actually insane how young he is in his career & doing things at the level he is right now. He could’ve easily just done some basic MV, but he took a very different route with this vid. Lone really a creative genius. Very excited to see what the future holds.
    Lones visuals and videos lowkey are underrated, no rapper is making stuff like this really, especially with a "narrative" to them
  • Balls
    400 years later and still a classic
  • TelevisedPork
    Who is Destroy Lonely? To the blind, he's the light. To the hungry, he's bread. To the lonely, he's company. To the sad, he is joy. For me, he's everything. being a Destroy Lonely fan isn't just a hobby, it's a lifestyle 💯
  • StealthySZN
    Carti creating his Opium label was the best thing hip hop has ever had . Just us fans witnessing how crazy everyone in Opium is going when it comes to there success in music and these shows/festivals just shows how there taking over the industry man.. I can’t wait to see what carti , Lone , ken and homixide got for us in the future 💯 #OPIUMTAKEOVER ❗️
  • Amauris
    JMP''s artistry is unreal