SPECIAL INVESTIGATION: China's aggression could start new world war

Published 2023-02-15
This Sky News Australia special investigation into China’s growing threat of war against Taiwan reveals how it could spark a global conflict between the United States and China – leaving Australia caught in the crossfire.

Sky News anchor and investigative journalist Peter Stefanovic speaks to defence experts to understand Australia’s defence capabilities as an impending war between China and Taiwan looms. 

Mr Stefanovic hit the ground in Taiwan to hear the desperate fears of locals who count the days before an attack on their democratic island.  

In his final interview before passing away, the late Senator Jim Molan gave a crucial warning for the government and Australians to begin preparing for war, fearing the nation could be caught in the crossfire of a battle between China and the United States.

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  • @DimmsyOfficial
    As a father of two and simply living here in the Philippines, i pray to God that we may never experience another world war. I want my two sons to become a doctor here in our province so that they could help someday in our community for free. Let us pray for our children's future and world peace.
  • @Tokkan1
    1) In 1894, Japan invaded China and Korea, the Qing gov was defeated and signed the [Treaty of Shimonoseki] to cede Taiwan Island to Japan.
    2) During the WW2, at the Cairo Conference held in 1943, China asked the transfer of Taiwan's sovereignty back to China after the war. This content was included in the [Cairo Declaration] and later reiterated in the [Potsdam Proclamation] that it should be implemented.
    3) On 14 Aug 1945, the Emperor Showa of Japan issued the [End War Edict] , Japan surrendered unconditionally and accepted the [Potsdam Proclamation]. The Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces, Marshal MacArthur ordered the Japanese troops in Taiwan to surrender to KMT General Chiang Kai Shek. Taiwan re-entered the territory of the Republic Of China (ROC).
    4) Soon after that China civil war broke out between KMT and CCP, the KMT was defeated and fled to Taiwan. However, due to US intervention, the CCP without a strong navy at that time has no ability to unify Taiwan. The CCP then established the People's Republic of China (PRC) on 1949. The civil war continues...
    5) In 1971, UN Resolution No. 2758 ruled that the PRC had obtained the representation rights and all legal rights originally owned by the ROC in the UN. That means the PRC is China’s only legal gov under international law, and today the PRC also become China’s only legal gov recognized by 180 countries around the world, including the USA. "The USA recognizes the Government of the PRC as the sole legal Government of China.
  • @germanbaez1559
    The politicians should be in the front line and then we'll see how true politics really works to avoid war at all cost.
  • I’ve served with Australian troops overseas in the past and I would do it again. They are good people and excellent Allies. The USA stands firm with Australia as we always have 🇺🇸 🇦🇺
  • @WOW-ng8sy
    I think the best summation came in the final minutes of this documentary when Jim Nolan said and I quote … “ I say to every Australian what we take for granted in the sovereignty and freedom and prosperity of this country should NEVER BE TAKEN FOR GRANTED”.
    May you RIP Jim Molan and condolence to your family. We will miss your knowledge of experience and words of wisdom.
  • Australia and America are firm allies even if the weather turns poor.
  • @dustindircks6647
    Imagine a world where all countries spent zero on military because we all just got along.
  • @mjc11a
    Excellent presentation. Informative as it is disturbing to think about the consequences for all involved. I extend my condolences and prayers to the family and friends of Major General Molan. May he rest in eternal peace 🙏
  • @Thaless-vz8pu
    As a Chinese, I laughed when I heard that “China will attack Australia.”My colleagues asked me why I was laughing, and when I told them this, they laughed too😂
  • @origin-al9585
    Every body is thinking the same thing “God, please let Trump back in office and don’t let them attack Taiwan in the next year and a half “because with Biden in the office, we are screwed
  • @bob8573
    From an Aussie point of view our country has Never been prepared for any conflict,now don't get me wrong and i am not saying our troops in any conflict have been lacking, to the contrary our troops have fought valiantly but our governments have been GREATLY lacking in long term DEFENCE initiatives, Just look at where our country is placed on a world map we are at a extremely strategic position on this planet for access to Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Hopefully conflict may be a last resort but other regimes see it differently.
  • @monix6907
    The Australian coastline extends approximately 34 000 kilometres (excluding all small offshore islands) and includes more than 1000 estuaries.
  • @arbaz79
    Amazing Documentary 👍. Rest in peace Jim Molan.Condolences to his family members.
  • @teeheeteeheeish
    This was a great report, I love Australians, as an American military careerist, I have worked with them during Talisman Saber. But it is infuriating that their government, in all of its supposed concern for the safety of its own borders has disarmed their populace. It is incredibly foolish and shortsighted.
  • @cjsalud6281
    Jim Molan will never have to go through thinking about what will going to happen next. RIP
  • @eiyonutrition124
    There was so much talk around how many forces the different countries have and emphasis on the Chinese having 2 million military members. It’s not going to be an island hoping exercise like WW2, but a technology battle. The size of the military is pretty irrelevant. Just a larger body count.
  • @sgbryant1962
    I really hope it doesn’t come to this. If it does, I bet the Australian government will regret doing all that gun confiscation
  • @python27au
    32:08 they shouldn’t have stopped developing and refining our industry when they build the colins class. They spent all that money and resources developing a submarine industry just to let it go to waste.

    They said they were buying the subs as a stop gap until we built our own, which to me sounded like we were getting some used subs until we could make some new ones, which would have made sense. But we have to wait for them to be built and then build some more?