Pokemon Weight Catching Challenge

Published 2023-07-08
Whoever catches the Pokemon closest to the randomly picked weight wins!
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Edited by @TylerTinted
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#Pokemon #Competition #PokemonScarletandViolet

All Comments (21)
  • @PM7
    The JMC is officially back, hope you missed us!
  • @cmoney8979
    The continuous "science rules" was easily my favorite part. Glad to see the series is back!!!
  • That Sawsbuck was actually super smart. If Stantler was 157, and Sawsbuck is just a slightly bigger deer, then the 180-200 range was a perfect guess. He had it down all along! Awesome job, I’m rooting for you John!
  • @TylerTinted
    Official petition for winwinjohn to become the new channel mascot
  • @MandJTVPlays
    My riddle answer was genius and I will not be hearing otherwise
  • @wyattsax
    Fun fact! Eiscue weighs about 190 lbs so John was on exactly the right track with his Pokémon idea 😂
  • @zahanpc302
    The drowzee in Mikey’s brain edit was top tier💀😂
  • @marcustan9057
    So happy to see that the JMC has returned! Can't wait for more!
  • @EpicgamerwinXD6669
    As a recommendation, perhaps one of the later rounds should be “Catch a random pokemon and guess what it evolves into” (with random evolutions at every level, of course). Or if perhaps a challenge to catch a pokemon that knows a given move, that would also be interesting to see!
  • @bridegetmadsen5759
    My favorite moments are Brent, Brandon, Bradley, & Brendan. Edit: and the final round. Congratulations on the win John!
  • @Subwayboss
    These are getting more and more intense. Just the sheer planning and creativity that goes into making the competitions. You guys really are a dream team. Keep up the excellent work!
  • @NotC0NTRA
    The reactions to the psyduck catch was so funny!
  • @gerriejordaan8385
    I laughed so much in this one, especially in the very first round as I thought, 'Oooh, the Pokemon you caught for 9 pounds?? I do not think so guys.' Laughed so much at John at is 'victory' at 4:41 with the frog flag. 11:56 I actually had the exact reaction lol!! Loved how John kept on getting pokemon that were close to pounds from the previous rounds that he could have won then. John's look on his face at 16:49 when Micheal told him Greedent's 13 pound's weight had me. Loved the ending.
  • @Froggy4994
    Finally the JOHN MICHAEL CUP IS BACK!!!!