AI is ruining the internet

Published 2024-06-30
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0:00 - intro
1:06 - google
3:09 - the dead internet theory
3:51 - facebook
6:33 - twitter
9:56 - instagram
12:09 -
13:15 - sofi
14:17 - adobe
16:54 - netflix
17:52 - spotify/AI music
24:24 - AI as a side hustle
26:12 - AI video is terrifying
29:41 - what is the point of this?


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All Comments (21)
  • @ditto3265
    My favorite quote about AI is “We’re letting tech companies open Pandora’s box because they might find a few dollars inside.”
  • @rashditto6503
    “I want AI to do my laundry and dishes so that I can do art and writing, not for AI to do my art and writing so that I can do my laundry and dishes”- Joanna Maciejewska
  • @theonlyoneash
    I hate, hate, HATE how pinterest is chalk full of AI now. Whenever I search up art, I immediately get met with ai art... like, that's not what I was trying to find? This is a very poorly written rant but ohmygod it takes me so long to actually find something I like and not the same 30 pictures generated by the same prompts
  • @Aprlrain9987
    I love that the dog with robot legs just had extra legs. It had lost none of the originals, just added two extra for shits and giggles.
  • @imlewishehe
    This AI trend is literal cancer. No matter how many accounts you block, more will always find their way back to your timeline
  • @imxoxooo
    somebody on twitter said "AI made me believe in the concept of human soul by making things without one." and its been stuck in my head forever
  • @katx1202
    Crochet AI really pisses me off. It tricks people into thinking you can do things with crochet that aren’t really possible especially because it can’t even get the look of the stitches right.
  • @rensblom8855
    That guy talking about what kind of music you should make at 24:03 has to be one of the most depressing things I've ever heard on the internet
  • @haiiiix3
    “there really is something in how Al art cant get human hands right vs. some of the oldest art we have is our handprints on a wall.” -random tumblr post I saw a couple days ago
  • @corkydouglas
    Hey Drew, kind words. Amazon is currently flooded with AI generated books, too. I spent 5 years writing, revising, and editing before release. Meanwhile some jackanape spent 10 minutes on lazy prompts and an InDesign template, repeated the process 200 times, and now has hundreds of books making it impossible for people to find meaningful content. I expect we're going to see some form of startup that offers a no-AI certification sooner rather than later.
  • Instead of the usual art contests for the yearbook cover they did a contest where people tried to make the best yearbook cover with ai :/ Honestly that takes all the fun out of it, and it’s not the same as seeing peoples hard work especially since there are so many talented artists at my school
  • @julieneff9408
    "Maybe Twitter's doing better?" The answer will never ever be yes.
  • @firebrandr
    “It would take me ten years to do that.” “Okay. What’s the rush?” That really hit me. I needed this. AI defenders: please find somewhere else to argue.
  • AI Drew immediately jumping out of the car in his meme video was his true feelings wanting to escape the nightmare he's stuck in.
  • @artistdudebro
    I know it can take you a while to do stuff but please, Drew, at last make a community post about Cody if not a video
  • @Legacy0901
    The fact that AI had to leech results from Reddit is already an example of people migrating away from algorithms. The whole reason people added 'reddit' at the end of their google searches in the first place was so that they'd get results from an actual human instead of ad recommendations
  • @LucyBean42
    We're at peak Hapsburg AI, where the AI is training off AI so much, the inbreeding has killed their kids.
  • You had a clip from Rick Beato's YouTube channel. He said his kids can somehow instantly tell if a piece of music was AI generated, but he can't figure out exactly what they are hearing to clue them in. Hopefully the younger generations will be able to filter out the crap.
  • Probably Drew's best video. Most of the time his videos are just poking fun at something weird/controversial. But this one was genuenly poignant and well extremely well said. This ine went above and beyond.