Postgame Interview: Deion Sanders after Colorado's NAIL-BITING 2OT Victory over Colorado State

Published 2023-09-17
Deion Sanders sat down and spoke with reporters after the Colorado Buffaloes' NAIL-BITING victory over the Colorado State Rams in double OT.

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Postgame Interview: Deion Sanders after Colorado's NAIL-BITING 2OT Victory over Colorado State
   • Postgame Interview: Deion Sanders aft...  


All Comments (21)
  • @CFBonFOX
    Can you believe what is going on at Colorado right now? 🤯
  • @rr9842
    Never have I woken up and said I got to watch that postgame press conference.... Deion has changed all that.
  • @CaliGirlSha
    I have never stayed awake till 1:30 am to watch any game let alone college football. What a game! My prayers to Travis Hunter.
  • @ChadBest-ug8uo
    Deion hides nothing. He's genuine and transparent. We need more people like that!
  • @fredmorris214
    How can anyone not like this man? Beyond football, he is just a solid human. And the love and confidence he has in his sons is amazing. God Bless him! Go Buffs!
  • @samlunter5126
    A player's health is more important than the game. Thank you Deion Sanders for being a great human being. ❤
  • I am a 77 year old, female, and I have never watched a college football game in my life until last night. I only went to halftime, but that was better than nothing. I couldn’t wait to wake up this morning to find out who won.
  • Man I'm not even a college fan. Don't ever watch it. But this story is already epic! From 1-11 to 3-0! Will definitely be cheering for this team!
  • @stevenbinyard2255
    As a father, hearing his confidence in his sons and his pride in them is the best thing about this interview. Coach Prime is good, but Father Prime is great💯❤️🙏🏽
  • @ericwebbjr
    Haven’t checked a college football score since the USC/Texas national championship game years ago, now I’m invested in every Colorado snap. Love him or hate him, Deion making College football extremely relevant right now.
  • @durellhurd478
    The way Deon Sanders is as a man is priceless. Outside of football he really a man of God. His kids are as well. This man has 2 Superbowl rings played in the World Series. Coached high school and won a state high school championship as a coach. Went to the SWAC "HBCU" and won the SWAC championship as a coach. Took the Head Coaching job from a team that went 1-11 and now they 3-0. Only Coach to see his oldest son take it back to the house on a pick 6 and then his other son at QB dominated. And this man lost 2 toes and he still here. Coach Prime is a good man
  • @ldytra
    I love that Deion Sanders pointed out the lack of coverage of the HBCU games. As a mother who was very nervous about my son playing football, I would be comfortable with my son playing with a coaching staff like this! Play with integrity. Stating that the health of the players is more important than the game & following that with actions!
  • @erome31
    Owns the room and has earned respect. Motivational beyond words.
  • @grumman38
    As a nation we need to get back to this style of demeanor, work ethic, respect, and dedication to success. Thanks coach for setting an example for these young men and others!
  • @ShadomanG
    NO wins are easy—So very proud of Coach Prime & Colorado. They never gave in & gutted out a gritty victory. Smooth seas never made skilled sailors & they delivered within adversity 💪🏽
  • @jrod5102
    I love this man's mature. As flamboyant as he is ,hes twice as respectful. twice as humble. This is beautiful for all to bear witness. Truly a great American.
  • @BradPitbull
    I have never cared or watched college football... Until now.... Thank you Coach Prime for making history and leaving a legacy by being an amazing coach, superb leader and amazing father Cheers from los angeles 😎🙃😊😊😊😊😊 Stay strong 💪 everyone
  • @Iron_Mayne_88
    " We can't let this dude win .press conference would be unbearable" 😂 💯
  • @mariomejia1701
    This postgame interview by coach sanders was a class act!!!
  • @tjayharper
    “We can’t let this dude win, ain’t no way we let this dude win. This press conference will be too unbearable.” Those are real thoughts. I appreciate Prime’s transparency.