Building the Lord of the Rings Battles in LEGO...

Published 2023-03-19
Today we will build LOTR armies and add them to epic battle scenes, like Helm's Deep and Minas Tirith!

Are you interested in getting the Gothmog minifigure and the orc banners? Email me at [email protected]

Get the Witch-King of Angmar here:

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  • BrickLi
    Only slept like 3 hours today, so hope you like the end result 🔥 Which other battles do you wanna see in LEGO? 🏹⚔?
  • E and E Disputed
    So glad they brought back LOTR, hoping we get many play sets in the $15 to $150 dollar range
  • Bricky McGhee
    I absolutely love the customized orcs in the thumbnail
  • Darth Marr
    My biggest gripe with the new Gandalf is the face. His old face perfectly encapsulated Sir Ian McKellen the new kinda looks like a generic old guy
  • MrBillyPenn
    I’ll admit man, seeing your entire Lego collection makes me a little jealous. I am completely happy with my own collection but there’s always room for improvement. I wish there was an easier and quicker way for me to make all that money so I can buy what you have and expand my collection quicker. Btw I see you took my advice and added the Viking helmet to the rohirrim. Don’t know what I mean? Check the comment on your helms deep video. (The one in which you made the battle of helms deep in Lego).
  • LOTR_bricks
    The battle of Helms Deep section looks AMAZING 😮just WOW! Great job as always Brickli!!❤
  • The Crimson Elite
    Great video! What containers do you use for your brick storage?
  • Diamondsandgold
    I think if you doubled up and made the castle scenes twice as wide it would scale it a better but it’s an awesome display regardless! 10/10!
  • TheAntinomies
    Gotta give respect for these awesome scene recreations
  • Anton Frei
    Nice video, great as always! Where did you get this Witchking figure? It's absolutely epic.
  • Andrew AVP
    Loved this video! Where did you get the custom Gothmog minifigure from? Looking to pick one up for my board game. Thanks!
  • Eternal Darkness
    Glad to see you making videos still. Love the vids, keep up the good work
  • Samuel Gaona
    It does show me that Lego never made an official Gordanian soldier, they have the prettiest design and look so slick
  • Brad's Brick Post
    Bro that helm's deep moc is legit. Nice job with the minifigure scale wall. Also, Bariss offee for the elves is genius!
  • Isaac Gould
    If I could get one of those armies then it would definitely be the Uruk-Hai army.
  • Mr. Blue Face
    You can upgrade the orcs with the dark vikinghelmet from the Sanctum Santorum.
    The Helmet is on pick a brick + a few cool knight torsos for Rohan Soldiers👍
  • PaRott
    The witch King of Angmar looks so cool!
  • RK lotr
    This was such an epic video!
    I absolutely loved the Mina’s tirith build but the others where amazing asswell
  • LegoFrenchBuilder
    Nice collection ! Nice video 👏
    I have a question tho: where is the brown torso from for your custom orc please ?