Bringing My SYRIAN Parents Out of Metro Manila 🇵🇭 (Province Life!) 🌿

Published 2022-11-23
🇵🇭 My parents are looking for an overlooking farm lot here mga tao, they fell in love with the Philippines same as I did! 😍

#Goodmorningmgatao #TheHungrySyrianWanderer #HungrySyrianFamily

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All Comments (20)
  • 🇵🇭 gusto na mag invest ni Angry Baba dito sa Pilipinas, does this mean gusto na din mag retire dito ni Baba? Oh Lala 😍
  • Thankyou Manadil Family for loving and choosing to live in our country the Philippines. We love you all
  • You and your family are very welcome here in the Philippines. We love you because you have opened your hearts to us and our ways and our culture. We are blessed to have your family here in our country. Your Mama and Baba and sister and nieces are welceome :) God bless you all!
  • So happy for you Basel.Im glad your parents enjoy their stay in the Philippines God bless all of you.
  • @ulatsha266
    Mashaallah i love this family,always giving me goodvibes,may allah protect your family here in philippines
  • @dsgfgcx
    So happy to have your family in the Philippines. We love you all our dear Syrian Filipino happy family. God bless
  • The dance in the beginning of the video !!! So cute and priceless!!!😂❤️❤️❤️
  • Sweet moments of angry Baba and her love of his life,”Mama”.❤️❤️❤️
  • Very happy family . I love Mama and Angry BaBa they are already looking pinoy and have feeling of Pinoy and surety have pinoy ❤️ hearts. They are so jolly. Watching your video from Switzerland 🇨🇭. You inspired a lot of people Basil. Greetings from Switzerland 🇨🇭
  • MashaAllah, family stayed together happy together ! Mabrook Syrian Family.Welcome to your second country my PHILIPPINES MY HOMETOWN !
  • @susangraham7279
    I'm sure your parents gonna happy to live in the Philippines 🇵🇭
  • Magandang buhay Basel Wifey Baba Mama watching from Monterey County California that’s a dangerous place for Mama and Baba. Maybe you should find a better place. It’s great to see how sweet your parents are and he brought you and your sister so well they are wonderful parents! Stay safe and healthy everyone. God bless.🙏♥️🙏
  • Happy to see your family hungry Syrian, Inspiring.
    Angry Baba, look younger and lively... Your mom, is beautiful.💐
    God bless you and your family 🙏 💖
  • So happy that also your parents love philippines and they want to stay here for good..why dont you go here in Quezon province especially in Lucban quezon so many farm here that im sure your parents will love fresh air and very nice people too😊
  • I love that Syrian dance with angry papa.. I watched my Syrian colleagues in Saudi every party anniversary
  • I’ve just watched the movie ‘The Swimmers’ in netflix. It’s a heartbreaking story about 2 Syrian sisters forced to leave Syria and became refugees bec. of the civil war in their country. I hope every subscriber of Basel can or will watch this movie so that they will have a new or enhanced perspective about foreigners from war-torn countries. Thank God the Philippines welcomed Basel and his family here. They deserve to stay in a peaceful country. To every Filipino and Christians at that, let’s love and accept them like they are our very own relatives. Jesus our Lord bless us all.
  • @kendhal5026
    Wow! This happy family wanted to become Filipino citizens in the future just like Basel. They are Syrians who speak Arabic but with Filipino heart and spirit.