The Guest Johnny Carson Couldnt Stand

Published 2024-04-16
The Guest Johnny Carson Couldnt Stand

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  • @pisces363
    I watched Johnny Carson as a child. I feel blessed to have been able to watch him. I remember a lot of the jokes and bits to this day.
  • I can't forget something he said on his program..." May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits" 😂😂😂😂😂❤
  • @lv2465
    I still enjoy watching old Johnny Carson interviews.
  • @993isgawd
    Is this another example of AI-generated content? Quite the lifeless audio commentary y'all got there...
  • @brianwhite1189
    The thumbnail of a stunning Diane Lane, with Johnny on her 18th birthday, is all I really need to see.
  • These voice bots are terrible. Hire me. I’m great
  • When he did Carnac my brothers and I were on the floor laughing, too funny!
  • All that and not a SINGLE shot of Zaza... Oooooooh-kay! 🤷‍♂
  • @chuck7356
    Never mention which Gabor until the clip is almost over..... lame post. Will block the channel.
  • I still have the opening of the show’s theme song pop into my head, all of the time. Karnak was hysterical
  • @mattm597
    This is probably how the Raquel Welch-Cat story got started.
  • @ivysmith6390
    I heard Carson himself address that rumor and said that it's exactly what it was, a rumor. said he'd never said that-- this was straight from the horse's mouth
  • @mikem820
    I am going to quit listening to AI. I feel like Siri has taken over all of YT… and I don’t like siri