Morgan Wallen's Attorney Responds to Arrest Rumors

Published 2024-05-07
Morgan Wallen's attorney has now responded to rumors and speculation surrounding Morgan Wallen's behavior immediately following his alleged act of throwing a chair off of the rooftop of Eric Church's brand-new bar "Chief's." Morgan Wallen's attorney also provided a new statement regarding Morgan Wallen's efforts that are helping advance the case.

0:00 Morgan Wallen's Arrest Timeline
1:34 Morgan Wallen Apologizes
2:22 Morgan Wallen's Attorney Responds to Arrest Rumors
3:45 Morgan Wallen's New Trial Date Set

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All Comments (21)
  • @karenlittle337
    Prayers for Morgan I will always be your fan stay strong keep singing
  • @CathyJhonson
    Keep singing Morgan everything's going to be fine❤❤
  • @user-hb6vn9ym6e
    Everyone makes mistakes love you Morgan wallen ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ keep making good music
  • Can’t he figure out right from wrong? Cant he just be thankful for his success and be an example.
  • @wandalares5406
    He's definitely not a loser. He has a great attitude. Just dont piss him off after he has one 2 many. He'll be just fine. We live and learn. Some older than him still have their moments. Hell, I'm not young or old, I'm in the middle, and I like having a very good time, but dont piss me off while I'm having my good time.
  • @HeatherB..
    A quick social media post isn't really much accountability to ones actions. All these young kids are looking up to him.. he could come out and say something to all of them about how that's not how we behave.. no matter our age or how much money we have in the bank.
  • Ich glaube Morgan Wallen muss eine Pause machen,er braucht ruhe und Frieden.......
  • @godslisaru
    Well some lady needs to rein him in. He will have to get it under control. You can love him and still know that.
  • @fungirl4027
    Wasn't he in trouble with the law years back? I guess nothing was learned.
  • Man I get it but when I do dumb shit I pay the price that comes with it idc how famous you are do do dumb shit and expect nothing to happen
  • @stevo-45
    Soooo can he still fly to the UK to do his MAAASSSIVE Hyde Park show?? That is all we need to know 🤷🏻‍♂️