Game Theory: The Game Awards Are WRONG! (Game of the Year)

Published 2023-12-09
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Who watched The Game Awards this week? Year over year i’m always impressed to see the new games that premiere and start building hype for their release. There’s always one big controversy surrounding The Game Awards and it’s the Game of the Year winner. Every year fans of all franchises are up in arms about how “their” game should have won, but are they ACTUALLY right? Well we’ve figured out the formula for any game developers out there for how to WIN Game of the Year, just make sure to thank us in your speech!
Writers: Matthew Patrick, Tom Robinson, Mike Keenan (The Pokémon Biologist), and Bob Chipman
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, AbsolutePixel and Pedro Freitas
Sound Designer: Yosi Berman
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  • @JennicaReis
    Let's be honest, Flute guy is the best part of the Game Awards
  • I think it's also extremely important to note that this years 'player voice' award also went to baldurs gate 3
  • @user-wq2mg2su1t
    We need Matpat to announce GOTY next year. Matpat criticizing the jokes is a whole new level of irony.
  • @shawnthomas6492
    i was shocked matpat dismissed alan wake 2 but that might be cuz he hasnt tried it yet. I feel like if he does play it, we would get alot of theories on it and honestly i would love that
  • I have played many RPG games and I never played one like BG3. It felt like you had so many options and had so much freedom. You were not bound to follow a certain pathz but instead could really play the game how you wanted. And often rewards players for thinking creatively.
  • @stormy5621
    Flute guy is truly Legendary. He deserved his own award for performance
  • @KaroxNightshade
    Flute Guy carries the show honestly. Last year he went NUTS for Xenoblade, so proud to be a Xenoblade rep.
  • @pedrostormrage
    6:44 "The Game Awards actually prefer themselves action" There's defintely a sample bias here, though: most games that get made nowadays are action-based. That saddens my turn-based heart, which is why it made me very happy (among other reasons) that Baldur's Gate 3 was the GOTY.
  • @meteorolite
    Let's be honest, Mat really glosses over the quality of the games.
  • @dustinjones1346
    Another aspect to consider is that old games always had a father figure type mentor to the protagonist. Now with games like spiderman 2, red dead, last of us etc. The mentor is the protagonist. You still have the wise one and the protégé a lot of times, we've more switched the playable character
  • @somenerd8401
    Baldurs Gate 3 broke the standard to the point that other companies said “don’t expect this to be the new standard.”
  • @tyrune30
    Action-action, so much action it needed it's own genre to let you know just how much action it has.
  • @dxjxc91
    Games with deep stories and environmental storytelling tend to do well. Of course story driven games tend to be 3rd person so the character you are playing as can be seen being part of the story.
  • Keplerians Universe Theory when?
    That's the one thing I have been waiting for, for years!
    But If the 9 Ice Scream, 3 Evil Nun and 2 Mr Meat games are too big of a challange, I totally get that.
  • I still think pizza tower should’ve won best indie title even if the game is popular… it makes you wonder if that decision was designed To draw attention to more obscure indie games which makes sense
  • @gfdx3214
    Game Theory Request: Comparison between Indie and AAA games. One is more expensive but tends to be longer and more likely to be talked about, whilst the other is cheaper, and more likely to touch on original/controversial stories, and has very passionate developers that are less money-greedy
  • Fully supportive of the tidal wave of comments about Matt dismissing Alan Wake 2. If it wasn't for the sheer depth and scale of BG3, it would have been my choice for game of the year