Not Like Us

Published 2024-05-04

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  • @djmeechymeech
    This is cyber bullying at this point 🤣 🤣 🤣
  • @Andreycsr
    Kendrick taught me I ain’t hating to my fullest potential
  • @tierramantes
    You know what’s crazy guys? Kendrick really meant it when he said on his song free spirit: “stop playing with me before I turn you into a song”
  • @4theboiz
    Drake: You beat bitches. Kendrick: You deserve it.
  • @flintregal
    He beat drake in every form of rap . What a battle💯
  • @spvc4696
    Thank you for everything you've taught us over the years Mr. Kendrick.
  • @nightmar3116
    Adonis has an entire playlist to play whenever he gets grounded
  • "you are not a colleague, you a fuckin colonizer" KENDRICK HES ALREADY DEAD 😭😭😭😭
  • @Markyz93
    J cole touches your heart, Kendrick touches your soul, Drake touches your kids. 🔥
  • @boyofficial_
    Kendrick switching flow from bar to bar is next level elite shit🔥🔥
  • @JahTalksMusic
    Kendrick went from hibernation to dropping on the daily, I never seen anyone hate someone this much 😭
  • @snazzy
    I’m starting to get the feeling Kendrick doesn’t like Drake.
  • @boyofficial_
    Mustard truly deserves some credits & respect on this incredible production.
  • @rex6353
    This is unironically the best song ive ever heard.
  • @isaacwhyy
    J Cole probably at Disney eating funnel cake while this beef unfolding 😭😭
  • I never seen someone get dissed so elegant. Knowledge, wisdom, and elegance all in one. He literally graced the beat.😮‍💨 I love the way Kendrick, approach this. He introduced an amazing beat but the words were deep asf. The lyrics are genius. Gems were dropped. 💎 You not a colleague you are colonizer.... 💀
  • @fyanrd4144
    I’m convinced that Kendrick is Hip Hop’s BATMAN!! Dismantling his foes effortlessly. Answering his enemy’s attacks with deadly precision. Placing Drake in Arkham behind these BARS!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥