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Published 2023-12-09
It’s time to check out Aldi’s NEW ARRIVALS!! There are some fantastic finds, limited edition items, surprises down every aisle! Let’s check it out!

❤️ Meghan

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//Grocery Haul Must-Haves
*Insulated Bags (X-Large): amzn.to/3MWOtx2
*Insulated Bags (Small): amzn.to/3xwBSuO

//Things I like… a lot!
Ramekins: amzn.to/3C2KX0E
Glass Sauce Bottles: amzn.to/3Rtr8oM
Muffin tins: amzn.to/3RVR254
Ninja Blender: amzn.to/3DesL6l
Hexclad Pans: amzn.to/3TUrUxL
Cookie Scoop: amzn.to/3L69u8U
Kitchen Aide Mixer: amzn.to/3eERkPN
Cupcake Liners: amzn.to/3DfqSWT
Danish Whisk: amzn.to/3DfqSWT
Banneton Baskets: amzn.to/3RPklGE
Plastic Storage Containers: amzn.to/3B3hpiN
Spice Jars: amzn.to/3QxdQay
Label Gun: amzn.to/3QAwHBg

//Amazon Favs
My Amazon Storefront - www.amazon.com/shop/plantingbirches
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  • @Ro11311
    I cracked up at "in case your dog can read" 😄
  • @janiepaul9095
    Remember getting a brown paper bag with an apple, orange, nuts, peppermint sticks and Christmas hard candy.
  • @karlaruter3221
    Our Winn-Dixie is supposed to change to an Aldi and I'm so excited! Lots of bargains 😊.
  • @barbwall3678
    WOO HOO!!🎉🎊🎉 SIZE 11 WOMEN’s SLIPPERS! I should have been there Wed morning when the doors opened to grab a pair! Have never seen any size higher than 10 for us big foot gals.😊🦶🏻🦶🏻
  • Thanks for making me laugh this morning, "Marsha, Marsha, Marsha." Great seeing what's a Aldi's today. :)
  • @korynordick40
    We bought the coding book for our 12yo last year. He worked his way through the whole book and really enjoyed it.
  • @maribelroman
    I buy the vanilla/blueberry goat cheese roll. My favorite! Yum
  • Your running commentary is the best. Just love watching. I get important info with comic relief. Keep up the good work 😂
  • Love your tongue in cheek comments. You're hilarious - makes it so much fun to watch!! Information and entertainment a 2-for-one deal ❤
  • @barbwall3678
    I’m off to Aldi today/Sunday! My other Aldi YouTuber said the covered pretzels & the choc brioche are yummy! Last week I bought the Santa Christmas card that matches the wrapping paper & boxes. Ooh, must try the deep dish 🍕! That’s not a bad price for the size & weight. OTOH, the quiche $$ is high for only 15 pieces but YUM!😋 You weren’t too far off re the candy cane trail mix = dog biscuits! There were gingerbread boy shaped 🐶treats last week.