🐹Hamster Escapes the Awesome 5-Star Luxury Prison Maze with Bathtub🐹 for Pets in real life

Published 2022-06-07
My hamster escapes Luxury Prison ??!!🐹🐹🐹

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  • Crazy Hamster
    I like how every time he looks at the camera he's like "You got too much time on your hands, Ken"
    On my YouTube channel I also make interesting mazes like this one.
  • AlexKor
    Haha 😂 Hamster on adventure, love it😂❤
  • Ferret
    I wish I can become a hamster and do this
  • Bel Rodulfo
    I will call her hassy !
    Hassy is such cute and I hope she makes more videos!
  • Teela Murphy
    YES, HAMPY!!! And my mama which is short for my mom, is calling the hamster Elrond. And I love my mama aka my mom
  • 矢野ちはる
    I love your hamster. Please take care of them so good!
  • Mariam Sankara
    I want three hamsters I love hamsters and they’re so cute
  • Memasak Cooking
    Wow, look at that tiny tiny Hamster, so cute ♥♥♥
  • aina
    It's so adorable😍😍😍😍