Bill Maher: It’s not that I’ve gotten old. It’s that your ideas are stupid

Published 2024-05-27
Comedian Bill Maher tells CNN's Fareed Zakaria about his new book "What This Comedian Said Will Shock You" and why he thinks the left and right have gone nuts. #CNN #News

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  • @mightymadmaxx
    "When you hate people, you don't listen to them." Nailed it. Very well put by Bill in this.
  • @JimiGosu
    I don't know exactly when it started. Just 13 years ago, people had different political views BUT WE STILL SAT AT THE SAME TABLE. We ate the same crappy fast food burger, drank the same milkshake from the same broken machine, BUT WE DIDN'T HATE EACH OTHER FOR VOTING FOR THE OTHER GUY. What happened!? When did things change from "my fellow Americans" to "us vs them?"
  • @craigtaylor8592
    A huge problem is treating celebrities like they have some sort of wisdom.
  • @JG-qt3pn
    Vietnam was about the draft. Forcing people to fight in a war they totally disagree with, and for what.
  • @kungfreddie
    Kinda funny he is talking about not hating the opposition.. then he goes on calling trump voters fascist!
  • @Metoobie
    When you hate someone, you stop listening to them. So freaking true and it's one of the biggest problems in polarization attitudes.
  • @user-rk3ku4ue7j
    The division in congress really started in the mid 90's when Newt Gingrich was Speaker of the House and ordered the Republicans in congress to stop hanging out with Democrats. He wanted them to go home, to their districts every weekend. Prior to that, Dems and Reps would stay in DC and spend weekends together, going to the same parties, same restaurants. They played softball together... and talked. The two sides were friends, Americans. Gingrich changed that.
  • @robertgrant5895
    Come on Bill, I was alive and well during the Vietnam war (although a conservative then) and I promise you there was plenty of tension between various student groups over the war. The Vietnam war was extremely contentious to some degree much more than what is going on now.
  • The smartest guy on the planet hasn't figured out it's not smart to think you're the smartest guy on the planet.
  • I love how Fareed just says something outlandish and wildly untrue and then before Bill can answer back he says “but let’s move on”
  • @bigcountry5520
    For the past 7,000 years, there has always been a struggle between the Nomads (Rural folk) and the City Builders (Urban folk). The Nomads are connected to the processes that are required for LIFE to happen. City Dwellers are connected to existential realities, that create demand for the Nomads productivity, and this provides Economic potential. Works great, until the City Dwellers begin to tell the Nomads, how to do the job...that they've been doing for thousands of years. These 2 worlds can only exist side by side; However, they CAN NOT exist as one and the same. There must be TOLERANCE, for the system to function. Nomads must be allowed to be...nomadic, and City Dwellers must be allowed to live existentially. This is why the Electoral College is so important. It provides Nomads the required political protection, against and ever increasing City population, and a shrinking Nomad population. Respecting this boundary is what makes us great, and not divided.
  • As much as I depart from him on MANY subjects, Bill is absolutely correct about the unfortunate hate that exists between folks with differing political viewpoints, these days. I miss the days when I could still have a meal, see a movie, or just hang out with a friend who was a liberal, as we good-naturedly ribbed each other about our different outlooks.
  • Pro---palestian protest Does Not automatically indicate sympathy for Hamas!
  • @SpencerWaldron
    The world needs more kindness. Mainstream Media and Social media pushed us to the edges. The most important thing he said here is about how both the left and the right have gone to the edges. We need more voices from the center. But that doesn’t make good news stories
  • @RetroLuv_
    Been watching Bill for 20 years... he hasnt changed
  • “Am I out of touch? No, it’s the children who are wrong.”