pov: you're just a kid that grew up too fast. [a playlist + rain]

Published 2022-05-05
feel free to vent in the comments; you're safe here.
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  • 0:00 ~ 505 - Arctic Monkeys
    4:13 ~ Alien Blues - Vundabar
    6:49 ~ All Time Low (SAD) - Jon Bellion
    9:29 ~ Another Love - Tom Odell
    13:31 ~ As The World Caves In - Matt Maltese
    17:06 ~ Backstabber - Ke$ha
    20:47 ~ Bang Bang Bang Bang - Sohodolls
    23:49 ~ Burning Piles - Mother Mother
    29:18 ~ Happier - Ed Sheeran
    33:38 ~ Hayloft - Mother Mother
    37:35 ~ Drift Away - Mars Bars
    40:47 ~ Agoraphobic - Corpse Husband
    42:58 ~ Devil Town - Cavetown
    45:58 ~ Heather - Conan Gray
    49:18 ~ I Love You So - The Walters
    51:59 ~ I Think You're Really Cool Like - Guardin
    54:19 ~ July - Noah Cyrus
    56:55 ~ Michelle - Sir Chloe
    1:00:29 ~ Mr Forgettable - David Kushner
    1:00:56 ~ My Alcoholic Friends - The Dresden Dolls
    1:03:43 ~ Smoke And Mirrors - Paloma Faith
    1:07:36 ~ If The World Was Ending - JP Saxe
    1:11:06 ~ Softcore - The Neighbourhood
    1:14:37 ~ Teacher's Pet - Melanie Martinez
    1:18:39 ~ Time Moves Slow - BADNOTGOOD
    1:23:13 ~ Wish I Never Loved You - Bolshiee
    1:27:00 ~ This Is Home - Cavetown
    1:30:47 ~ Seventeen - Ladytron
    1:37:27 ~ Nobody - Mitski
    1:41:46 ~ Train Wreck - James Arthur
    1:46:03 ~ Daddy Issues - The Neighbourhood
    1:50:54 ~ Tired - Beabadoobee
    1:54:11 ~ Freaks - Surf Curse
  • sanitysxedge
    "You're so mature for your age!"
    It was the biggest compliment at the moment, but hearing it daily led me to live by those words my whole life...fucked up so much for me and lost so much of my childhood.
  • ericaploof
    I'm sorry you were all forced to grow up so fast. I'm so, so sorry.

    ...you're free to let your inner child shine, you know? All of you. I do all the time. No shame. People who shame you for it are lame, alright?
  • BreadNoMore
    No, none of us are hard to love. It's just that we were born with people who didn't deserve us. We grew up without a figure of love out of chance. A cruel joke.
  • Nistafranger
    Sometimes, when i read the coms, i just realize that i'm really not different from a lot of people : Feeling empty, waiting for someone to speak to me and get me out of this eternal loop that is routine... Basically, eating, going at college to study, coming back, playing games, sleep and repeat everyday. Even when i try to break this loop, nothing comes out of it, even if i try for a long time (like doing sports, changing my ways, or going out with some friends). I feel like i can't love someone, or i have to fake emotions while i'm with friends sometimes.
    Life's real weird huh ?
  • Definition of growing up too fast:
    Growing up too fast or being mature beyond your years is often seen as a neutral or even a positive thing. In actuality, it is a psychological prison that the child is put into by their caregivers, where they are expected to be perfect, meet unrealistic standards, or fit a role that doesnt belong to them.

    I was told I needed to be perfect or I wasnt good enough.. Makes sense now Im only 14 and life seems as if it is flying by and sometimes going by to slow..
  • I cried. I finally cried hard and loud. Without trying to make myself stop within the first few seconds. I was writing down my thoughts and soon I wasn't even aware of what I was typing and I realized just how much I haven't let myself process. thank you all. I really appreciate everyone in these comments comforting each other. We're all pretty messed up, huh? Edit: hey everybody! my mom is starting to not make me feel lije i have to be perfect! doing better but still sad lol. wbu?
  • L!gh13r
    Anyone trapped in a loop? Bored of life? Just over all of it? Or is it just me, I think it’s just me but whatever. How are y’all doing? Ik whoever is here isn’t okay so how’s life ig.
  • Hecking Beeper
    as part of the burnt out generation aka early 2000s kids i grew up really fast and never really had a childhood and what little i had was on the internet
  • Reina
    i've told my mom that im tired a lot of times. she just keeps asking how am i tired when im so young.
  • SkyBean
    The older you get and the more you go through the more you realize that, you wont become sadder you just won't feel anymore... as someone with alot of past experiences I can tell you I don't hurt anymore. I'm just really tired of everything, nothing makes me happy anymore. Enjoy the calm life while its there, because some people would kill for that.
  • Kei Thoj
    as a soon-to-be sophomore this upcoming autumn, I feel all of you.
    I was 7 when I officially had been required to be a babysitter for my siblings.
    I was 6 years old, showing that I was a gifted kid in a family full of a hardship past. I was 6 when getting my first official honor roll from the principal that my parents were so proud of me, that they didn't even come and see me being given that certificate. ever since that, I had aspired to be given an honor roll certificate throughout all my life. when I didn't, I was disappointed and wondered what did I do wrong to not deserve it.
    I was 9 when I realized that my paternal family was complicated and gossiped with my cousin who was a year younger than me and gave me all the information about our family.
    I was 10, around through the old, I can't fit in, and tried to hang out with many groups.
    I was 11 when I realized that I wasn't a gifted kid, the teachers were just too easy to give out honor rolls. I was 11 when I was told by my parents to not open the door for anyone when they were out. They yelled at me when I opened the door for my mentally unstable uncle who had come and stolen quick cash from my father. But, I thought we were allowed to open the door for family members? They always told me I could open the door for my cousin's dad since his mail was always dropped at our house.
    I was 12 when I finally realized that my great-uncle who I had seen lying on his death bed, was dead when I was 9. I cried when my parents explained to me his time while he was alive.
    I was 13 when I realized that my time at home was really bad and that I needed to see a therapist because of my suicidal thoughts.
    While I had been mentally challenged by my mom from her making me do 'basic life skills' i was struggling with my mental health, trying not to imagine my death, trying not to plan my death, trying not to plan my escape from the house, and trying to prioritize school over basic necessities.
    I understood it was a basic necessity to know how to do this and that, but when I had a father who complained that he was tired of eating chicken because that was all I had cooked just for one week? Yeah, he did a really great job for his daughter who was 14 and had heard that unexpectedly. Now he wants to complain that no one in his family talks to him?

    He is the root of all my problems, the cause of my suicidal thoughts, and the reason why I feel the need to cut contact when I turn 18.

    Oh, it's cause I grew up too fast! I'm only 14, almost 15 in a couple of months, living in a traditional Asian household where mental health is not discussed. Because of my culture, there is no need to talk to my mother about basic things, that's why I have her siblings to talk to about it. It's why my parents always wonder about these things I wanna do when they hear it from the people they know.
    Because, they don't know me, because they won't talk, because they don't take the time to listen and hear what I want to say. Their oldest child, they don't want to listen, and only praise when it's something school-related, but hate when I can't even stir fry ingredients correctly.
    I guess I really am daddy's little girl. Because, I have a lot of angered emotions pilled up in my head, and at some point, it's going to burst. I don't know when though haha....

    I am sorry for my rant, I just really needed to rant.

    I was so close to crying when writing about my dad.
  • CocoaIsTired
    I'm not even above the age of ten, yet I've been exposed to so many things I shouldn't have seen. I'm very happy that there are people who I can relate with, since this comment section is proof of that. My parents gave me a lot of things and took care of me, but why I dislike them is because they make things seem easy. They think that since I'm young I shouldn't get tired or anything. Their expectations have always been too high. I'm so tired.
  • Minon Cat
    i feel traped in the same loop everyday waiting hopelessly for someone to talk to me i just feel dull but i have like the best life my parents are together still my mum rlly cares about me and checks on me everyday and my dad works really hard all day and when he comes home he drinks and is rlly funny and makes all of us laugh while hes cooking dinner (when hes drunk amazing right!!!) but i still feel just empty
  • I was mature for my age. They would say, “Oh my goodness you look like your 14” or “I can’t believe how well behaved and mature you are” as an 8-year-old. I was appreciative of their comments, but it put me in the mind of someone much older than who I was supposed to be. I was supposed to be a child. Instead I grew up to fast. I didn’t enjoy it enough. I would do anything to be a child again. But time never looks back.
  • Albedo
    TW: just venting and ranting

    “You’re so mature for your age!”
    It’s the biggest compliment that I loved getting called, it brought worth into my life. Until I started acting like a “child” again I would get shamed for it. I never even on the chance to be a fucking child. I always have this weight on my shoulders to be someone I’m not and I can’t help but just feel, unhappy, empty. Am I enough to make my parents look good because of how “mature” I am? Will I ever be good enough for them? Will they ever realize how much pain I’m in? Am I good enough, am I good enough AM I GOOD ENOUGH. the answer is no. I never was never will, I just need an escape aside from the “mature” phase. I used to be the gifted child, now I’m just burnt out and I don’t even know my own personality. It’s so sickening looking at how I’ve become. Why am I so mean? Why can’t I look like all the other girls? Why can’t I fit in? Why do I get bullied for doing the things I like? I need someone to guide me through this but I can’t trust anyone to do so. I hate myself so much to the point it’s gotten physical. I won’t get into details but you get the point. I need someone to help me. I need help but I won’t seek out for it. I know I need it but I don’t know where to start. I wish I could tell more but it’s more personal. Thanks for reading if you did. Don’t worry about me.
  • amaryllis
    I never know if I’m really feeling that way or if it’s all in my head. I feel like I don’t even know my personality or if I’ve just made it all up. It’s like I’m a completely different person than I used to be. I feel like I can never say what I think and like no matter what I do, how I do it, it’ll never matter.
  • amxrxa
    I was born during the late 2000s and during a dinner night, after my brother had his middle school graduating ceremony, my parents were quite, no, very, disappointed on how irresponsible he was and how he didn't know about his schedule that well. Then, my parents said they expect a lot from me since I'll be moving to his school for the next academic year. Since it's been too much for me to handle, I told them that y'know, I'm tired, I think you're expecting quite a lot from me and all that then my dad denied what I said and said that I was just overthinking, that in his generation, this was a normal achievement, for everyone but my mom admitted it herself that time. "It may be hard for you, since you were forced to grow up too fast." Then, I realized, 'Oh. So that's what it was. So that's what was causing me emotional exhaustion every day.'

    After remembering about this event by seeing the title of this video, I immediately just searched it up how kids grow up too fast and it said that kids can grow up too fast when the parents/guardians/people who are supposed to take care of them are not there for them, which was true. My mom told her friend "You know, I didn't really take care and pay attention to (my name) when it came to academic studies during her childhood. I only took special care of her brother before because I thought she can do everything by herself and she indeed did it splendidly."
    I didn't pay attention much when I heard about it first and thought maybe it's a good thing, something to be proud but now, my thoughts completely changed about it.

    To be honest, I was denying it myself, that I'm not a kid that grew up too fast because others probably had it worse that me, I had parents that were home at least during the evening for my dad and almost all day for my mom and I had a friend and a brother which won't make me lonely. Then it dawned to me when I thought about my brother. He's older than me and yet, acts more immature than me. If I'm mature, he's immature. Yes, it may be because I'm a girl and he's a boy that I'm more mature(based on research) but maybe, it's not just that. I knew immediately by the way he's acting and by what mom said.

    I'm glad to know why I act like this, why I'm so emotionally exhausted when I don't have any family problems(except a few loud fights from my parents that make me very anxious which happen quite rarely now a days) and any other problems with my friends. Maybe it's just the pressure that I should do good and make everyone proud that makes me emotionally exhausted every morning, that I don't have any motivation to do anything. Let's be honest, my mom and dad now gives me attention and all that but I just can't seem to just forgive(?) them in a way. It's just not easy to heal from the trauma I have, and I don't think it'll be any better soon but either way, I'm glad to know the main cause of why I'm like this.
  • Mild!Milk
    I’m 14… and I definitely am growing up to fast..All I ever wanted was to be a peaceful little boy, and keep to myself, in the flower field behind our house..My mom dragged me by my hair because I wouldn’t play with my cousins.. When she knows I hate(dont know how) to play with kids.
  • Shattered Puppet
    I was 13, in the car with my dad.
    Hes a great guy, forgiving, kind, etc.
    We were talking,
    I told him "When i was younger, I used to want to be an adult with all my heart, but now Im looking back at it, wondering why the hell would i want that? Its torture, pain, all the bad things in the world come to face you once your an adult"
    He told me "That means you've grown up too fast for someone your age"

    ...Yknow, i dont know how to let loose
    Im always worried about something
    Financial problems, (Im still 13 btw,)
    Marriage problems about my mom and dad
    Family issues
    All of it
    Its all on my shoulders and I dont know how to drop it.
    Im honestly trapped in my head most of the time, unless Im 'surfing the web' as they said
    Im just tired yknow?