Jackie Chan Full Film, Snake In The Eagle's Shadow 1978

Published 2023-02-17

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  • @erictred4529
    When you hear that blaring music you know your in for a treat! I just love these films. Thank you for the movie upload!
  • @user-nt5xf8tw8u
    I start watching this movie when I was 10 yrs old . Now I'm 28 already still the one I like to watch♥️♥️
  • @margyeoman3564
    One of the most charming of Jackie Chan's early movies.
  • @bowtieguy377
    This is one of my favorites of the genre. Plenty of action, humor, a good story to follow and I really like the relationship between Jackie and the old master.
  • @satsa6569
    I first saw this wonderful film when I was 16. I am 64 now and still watching it. My favourite fight scene is between the Provincial Champion and Chin Foo. I have seen many Kung Fu films, but this one has a certain magic and stands out.
  • Jackie is my all-time favorite actor, but the old man, Yuen Siu-tien, is so much fun to watch as well! 🖖
  • @geraldbrown2893
    Best classic kung fu movie ever enjoyed watching by Hwang Jang Lee, Yuen Siu Tien and Jackie Chan! 👍🏿👌🏿👏🏿🥋☯️🫸🏿🤛🏿🙏🏿
  • @MareVlog-rk9pd
    I absolutely love all movies from Mr. Jackie Chan, this is my "HERO".♥️🙏
  • @GearShifter925
    I REMEMBER this movie was my 1st experience in a Small movie theater or " a video hall ". My age I don't remember just think i even cannot assume my own age during that time....😅 I maybe studying in class 1 or 2. I watched JACKIE CHAN and his fighting scenes first time in my life and after that...we 3 friends begins to fighting (friendly) eachother copying that movie's fighting styles... sometimes after getting hurts UNINTENTIONALLY (oblivious)...we used to cried ALOUD and runs back to our mommy at HOME 🏠. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Those were the days... Golden childhood days....!!!! 😢
  • @FM-ft8pe
    Love this movie, I watched it as a kid. & watched it again with my little brother many years ago because he wasn't born then. For me, still after all these years, this movie hasn't lost its magic. Thank you for sharing this superb movie with us.