Releasing your inner b!tch - A badass villain playlist

Published 2022-05-14
This was a playlist request and the theme has been getting quite popular lately so hopefully this helps boost your confidence ;u;

Hope you enjoy :D The character in the thumbnail is Jinx from Arcane.

None of the songs belong to me, all credit belongs to the rightful owners.

#badass #villain #playlist

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  • Aliven't
    0:00 - Pomegranate lips by Derivakat
    2:39 - Cinderella's dead by EMELINE
    4:38 - Tantrum by Ashnikko
    7:06 - Revived by Derivakat
    9:43 - Eat spit! By Slush puppy ft. Royal & The Serpent
    11:46 - Get jinxed by League of Legends
    14:19 - Onion boy by Isaac Dunbar
    16:49 - Tia Tamera by Doja Cat Feat. Rico Nasty
    20:23 - Everybody Loves Me by One Republic (Slowed)
    24:50 - Boyfriend by Dove Cameron
    27:23 - All The Good Girls Go To Hell by Billie Eilish (Alt Rock Cover by Cameron Hayes)
    29:56 - Sick thoughts by Lewis Blissett (Slowed)
  • Gargi Parab

    Honestly you are cool if you know most of Derivakat's songs
  • I literally love your playlist- thank you so much for posting this! Your taste in music is amazing ✨
  • AmbDGYT
    Fell in love at the first song
    My first time hearing Pomegranate Lips and Cinderellas Dead just what I was looking for thank you.
  • I always find new songs when I listen to your playlists. Its great, I love them <3
  • Eliza Seavey
    This is how we know everyone loves derivakat
  • Tessa reached for the crowbar in her bag. It was meant for fixing things, but she now saw an alternate purpose for it.
    However, her twin sister, Alice, stood frozen in terror.

    Tessa swung the crowbar at one of the Monsters. It fell to the ground, writhing in agony.

    As more of them approached, both twins decided not to stick about.

    They rushed through the forest only to face more of these creatures. They surrounded the sisters.

    " it. ..This is how we die.." Alice admitted.

    Tessa wasn't too fond of this plan. She took a swing at an approaching monster with her crowbar. This one was knocked out cold.

    As a monster reached out toward Alice, she was suddenly snapped out of her trance.

    She pulled herself up onto a tree branch.
    The monster was unable to get onto the tree.
    "They can't get you if you're in a tree!" Alice shouted to her twin.

    "No need!" Tessa responded, knocking out two monsters at once.

    The last one knocked the crowbar out of her hand.

    Tessa bolted up the tree as fast as she could and grabbed a sharp twig. She then flung herself onto the monster's

    In less than a minute, Tessa destroyed the monster.
  • Zen0.
    You know its a good playlist when it starts with Pomegranate Lips 😻
  • Bonzo_beanz
    Me listening to the playlist:

    revived plays

    Me: Why do I feel like shooting people randomly?
  • alyssa anselmi
    This playlist boost my confidence so much and i love the songs. Thank you.
  • Tuoi laughed as you groaned in pain, her minions taking you down. "Darling, why try?" She got off the chair and came over. She stood on your stomach, her eyes...they were so manipulative. "Love, close your eyes, hmmm? ~" You did it hesitantly, then felt her stomp on you. You gasped and opened your eyes, frowned at her, as she got down and sat in front of you. She smirked. The lightening boomed outside, as she stood you up. "My hero, why give up now?" Her minions stood back, as she twirled you. She was stalling. As she danced with you, a bomb went off behind you both...what were you doing? "Humm." She stood apart from you, hard to say, but you were disappointed. You felt a rush of panic, where were your friends?
    Just as planned, they burst in, and tackled Tuoi. "Gah!! Hero, don't forget what we had tonight." She fainted, as your friends took her away. The minions rushed at you, and you felt sore everywhere.

    Next thing you know, you're at home, your friends hugging you. You had icepacks all over, and a metal tube up to your nose. Wait.... YOUR ARM WAS MISSING.

    (Part 2?)
    (Sorry, this was late, I have been planning this but was quite busy.)
  • Nyx
    How the helllllllllllll do I love all of Derivakats music?
  • EchoNova
    You laugh as they fling another knife in your direction, and you dance out of the way easily. the next knife they throw, you catch.
    you stand and watch as their eyes widen, and then you see them break.

    they can’t defeat you.

    no one can.

    You laugh again, and slowly your heels click forwards. your hair whispers around your face, and sways as you walk to them.
    You gently grab their chin, and make them look at you.
    “Whst’s wrong, little one?” You ask softly, like you were talking to a child who had scraped their knee.
    You lean to their ear, and whisper-
    “Are you scared yet?”
    A slow tear rolls down their cheek, and you realize theyve started shaking.
    You run the knife along their jaw, drawing a tiny bit of blood. You take your finger and use it to paint your lips.

    You kiss them on their forhead, to calm them, and just as they start to relax…


    the words slip past your pomegranate lips, unapologetically.
  • hazen
    adding this to my playlist of your playlists!! you really never miss, huh. not really sure if you'll see this but i have a small request for a playlist - a badass, rage and angst playlist that consists of just black artists' songs :))
  • Even your own shadow leaves you when you fail to witness the beauty in the darkness. The inner bitch in me
  • Blue
    Perfect as usual ! <3