Perks of getting your period (ft my mom)

Published 2022-02-25
finally, my mom is in a video!!! she did great :D


AUDIO EDITOR: Cory Halterman




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Delaney - keys assistant

Laddi - scene setup


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- I'm sorry, I'm not available to do lines for videos anymore; I've gotten really busy :(

- I am NOT looking for animation or video help! I appreciate your kindness. I'm not in a place where I need to hire people, not even for free.

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  • Abhiveer Birdi
    It's extremely liberating to see these types of "taboo" Topics being talked about. We should normalise reproductive health consulting. Great video illy
  • Babybaloo09
    I'm a 13 year old dude but I like these kinds of videos to educate me on periods so I can talk and relate to the girls having a hard time with "death cramps" and so I know how to comfort them.
  • Justan Antico
    as a 16 year old male, I feel like I have no right to watch this video, but I wanna know more about periods because it's a serious matter and I wanna be able to at least help and be understanding if I ever have a girlfriend who is going through their period.
    I already made sure to NEVER make jokes about periods, well, period. It's not a laughing matter and lots of women do not and never appreciate jokes about how an uncontrollable part of their body works.
  • Emalee June
    When I was in high school, I was taking birth control but I still was getting pretty heavy periods- like I couldn’t even use a tampon, heavy. One day I was in the library with my boyfriend at the time, just chatting and I got up to go somewhere and he saw that my chair was COVERED in blood. He immediately shot up out of his chair, wrapped his sweatshirt around my waist and told me to go to the nurse and have them call my mom to come pick me up. He stayed behind and cleaned the entire mess for me. He’s still a good friend to this day, and I’ll never forget how amazing and valid that interaction made me feel.
  • Fudge on phone
    To all the young men watching this to educate themselves.
    You’re doing great, keep doing what you do 💜
  • Ariana Hans
    I remember in middle school, one of my classmates bled through her skirt and most of the guys were making fun of her for it, except this one guy. He was like "Imagine if it was your daughter. Don't make fun of her for that." He was so mature for doing that and I never forgot it.
  • Altzan260
    Being a male, I personally cannot imagine how truly horrible these periods are. Though with this video, this places it into perspective.
  • katgamer 17
    I just recently got an iud. This procedure was traumatic……if that’s how birth feels then I don’t want to have any kids. It was very painful and I had terrible nausea, my pain meds kicked in once me and my boyfriend left and I just rested. Women getting iuds are very brave and I salute you!
  • NivaPlayz
    I got my periods at the age of 10 too :)
    Now I'm 14, and to my Indian family, periods are a blessing. It's become pretty normal for me, and I mostly get it during the daytime so I can save whatever I'm sitting on. I also use night pads, so even with a heavy flow, I'm able to sleep without staining anything. But I really do hate the cramps and headaches. Sometimes it's so bad that I double over. And Indian male teachers here love to make fun of students who aren't paying attention. So when I bend over, they make fun of me like "Niva, can't you at least act like you're awake?" And I get so angry, like who are you to judge a girl in period pain? You've never been on a period. So I just respond with "Sir, why don't you try being on a period for once?" And their reactions are impeccable. Another perk of being on periods BD
  • Kanak0lmioleipä_
    Me: My mom taught me about perioids when i was about 7 yrs old, started carrying pads around when i was 8, got period at 9 (3rd grade). All i remember from the first time i got my period is that i stood up, looked at my chair and saw blood and then walked weirdly over to my teacher and said that i need to go to the bathroom. Our class had a strict rule back then that we aren't allowed to use the restroom during classes and when i tried to explain that i got my period the teach was like: "Stop lying, you don't get your period that young" and i literally had to show her my chair to get her to believe me. And when i did she literally fricking yelled "OHHH YOURE RIGHTTT" and everyone knew that i got my period then and there. When i got home that day i cried because she embarrassed me so bad.
  • Genehen
    I've always been glad my parents were open about sex and bodily functions for as long as I can remember. Any questions I asked they answered honestly - and had medical picture books to show me, of like fetuses growing and anatomy and stuff.
    I'm talking knowing what sex is when I was 3. Knowing it doesn't work until you're a grown up, because certain things haven't grown and developed yet - and even trying when you're too young will hurt and damage you... so if anyone ever tries to convince you that you're "old enough" they are wrong, and even if you THINK you are 'old enough' you might not know that some things haven't developed yet, so its safest to wait until you're all grown up.
    That's what I understood before even stepping foot into a classroom. All of that.

    So when I got my period when I was 8 years old, alone, in the toilet 15 minutes before the end of school for the day... my reaction wasn't fear and confusion but "WHAT THE FU- oh damn. This is basically the rest of my life now. I gotta wear those little nappies mummy does."

    Then at 13 i needed to help a girl in the year ahead of me crying in the bathroom, begging me to get a teacher, because they didn't even know what a period WAS - and they thought they were dying.
    I had to give them the talk. I, a KID, had to give THEM the talk - just because most adults in this world have weird 'icky gross scary' hangups about sex.
  • Gloryblaz
    As someone who’s had a baby and got an IUD, I can confirm that IUD’s feel like childbirth. I took the max of ibuprofen and acetaminophen before my appointment and still wished I had taken something stronger. If strong drugs are offered for labor, I can’t understand why they can’t be offered for an IUD too. I’m dreading the day that I get it removed.
  • Moth Nightingale
    getting on birth control was literally a lifesaver. my periods averaged 9 days, sometimes longer, i would have cramps that made me nearly faint, and migraine headaches so bad i couldn’t be exposed to any light or noise lest the stimulation cause me to projectile vomit. once i started taking BC, my periods became 5 days long maximum. my cramps were practically unnoticeable, and my headaches became manageable with a low dose of motrin as opposed to an extreme dose of excedrin. i don’t think i’ll ever stop taking birth control, especially as someone who doesn’t want children.
  • Sarah Jones
    [2:25] Almost an exact replica of that story happened to me with some boy in class getting freaked out by a totally normal subject. When he started grossing out, I raised my voice a little louder than I'd like and said,
    "Aw yeah, there's SO much blood everywhere! Omigod you'll NEVER wanna sit in this chair again. Hope you don't get THIS chair tomorrows class!" And my lady friend I was talking too said "Oh yea, you ever heard of TAMPONS??"
    And my teacher she just silently giggled at her desk. Good day that was. :]
  • iván🇲🇽
    i was born a guy so i don’t get periods but seems interesting and seems like it hurts. im not that type of guy to “ew” and i don’t get it why they would, it’s a natural thing that pretty sure every girl has to go through lmao
  • Shpibbity
    As a dude, I have no idea what this feels like. But women are really tough for dealing with this every month. That must suck.
  • Tshuki no megmi
    I love how your mom is like "When your body goes through this process" And sounding like a master talking to a student and my mom was like "GET READY FOR PAIN"
  • Billy Deerhead
    I'm 42 and married with 2 kids, and I just learned more about menstrual cycles from this one video than I knew my whole life.
    Thanks for the education.