Perks of getting your period (ft my mom)

Published 2022-02-25
finally, my mom is in a video!!! she did great :D


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  • I was a late bloomer and was jealous of the other cool grown up girls with periods. When I finally got mine, I literally wanted to die.
  • @Idk-raindrops
    A perk of having your period is that ALL the girls have your back. Even the ones that hate you.

    I once asked for a pad in a girls bathroom, even the girls who hated me all slid their pouches beneath the door of my bathroom stall. I had about 5 pouches full of feminine products in that moment, full of pads and tampons.

    Another time, a little 7th grader went back to her class for me, to grab me a pad after I bled through my undergarments. I didn't know this girl, didn't even know her name, but all I remember is that she was as cute as a button, and she saved my social life that day.
  • @Elbug46
    My mom had ovarian cysts, and it was so painful she decided that, after having me, she didn’t want the pill, she just got her whole uterus removed 😂
  • @aycc-nbh7289
    As a male, my father told me that teenage girls get these pills because their fathers don’t exactly trust them. Thanks for sharing that there is an entirely different reason that involves a lot less mistrust, but I think that things like this should be more widely known.
  • I went to the OBGYN for the first time and she literally couldn't even look inside me. I have no trauma, I just have a SHITTON of anxiety. Seeing that other people have these kinda issues makes me feel a lot better <3
  • There was one perk of going to an all-girls school in high school, and that was that you could literally yell down any hallway, "Does anyone have a tampon??" and like 6 would be thrown in your direction
  • As a guy trying to become an OBGYN specialist, I feel like this society should be more into educating younglings about such a topic so that no other kid gets traumatized
    I feel sorry for you Ilyssa power to you
  • im incredibly jealous for all the people who's moms talked about it normally and helped them through it, i just suffered in silence cause my mom never brought it up, and whenever she did it was awkward and obvious that she grew up when it was very stigmatized and was just telling me the same things her mom did.
  • i’m a 15 year old who started birth control today. I have pcos too, and i really, really appreciate this video. it’s so helpful to see someone who went through something similar and has had a successful experience. thank you so much illy! ❤
  • @Code-Redd
    For whatever reason, my first period was incredibly boring. I was at home, felt it… flow out… and then had the following first period conversation with my mother like: “…. I need a pad” “oh… congrats?” “I could go without the celebration.” “Yeah, sorry about giving you a uterus, a penis would have probably been more fun.”

    Now my periods in general, those are a story. Did you know periods ARENT supposed make you pass out and throw up and incapacitated from pain and blood loss? I sure didn’t, until I had to be wheeled to the nurses office 3 times in hs and thought “hmm this might not be normal.”
  • @lovely10451
    As a "younger" girl, its been normallized and more to talked about, and i reacently got my first period so it was alot easier for me and i unstood what to do❤ this also helped me realize that its normal so to anyone who is struggling, i hope they can watch this video and feel more comfortable.
  • I remember in middle school, one of my classmates bled through her skirt and most of the guys were making fun of her for it, except this one guy. He was like "Imagine if it was your daughter. Don't make fun of her for that." He was so mature for doing that and I never forgot it.
  • @3pic_id10tt4
    I remember watching this video a year ago, while on my first period ever.
    It really helped me as a socially anxious 11 year old girl in 5th grade.
    Thank you
  • I’m grateful to have been educated on this. I might be a guy, but I have a feeling I would be a lot less understanding if I wasn’t taught about this. I couldn’t image having to deal with what I imagine feels like someone punching you in the gut once a month for a week. Huge respect to those who do have to deal with this. All I get is a monthly headache that only lasts half a day.
  • @NoOne-nm4oy
    Ironically, I got my period a week after watching this... also in 5th grade before the talk. This really helped me in expectations, thank you for that.
  • @TheEnder515
    Watching this a grown man just makes me think back to my VERY open mother and her lengthy explanations as to why my friends were suddenly so grumpy.
  • Some people getting earlier periods is exactly why it should be taught in school as early as 4th grade. We should also normalize them. It’s so annoying that no one can talk about it without worrying about kids (normally boys) making jokes about it. Like you said, it’s natural, everyone should be taught that.