$48,000 NYC apartment #shorts #nyc

Published 2022-09-21

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  • xCodeh
    absolutely insane to step on your bed with shoes on after walking around NYC
  • xman559
    There is actually a street in Brooklyn that has a bunch of people that live in vans. IT's a dead end street by the waterfront. So there is safety since they look out for each other. This was not a random meeting. That's where she lives. It's called van alley.
  • I always invite strangers back to my house for a tour and then lay on my bed. It's just a thing I do.
  • Rohit Kumar
    I like how she lets some random guy with a camera into her house
    She literally showed her van to stranger

    Script is the secret of her honesty 😂😂
  • hunaif
    As per we can see how simple life she’s living in and she’s happy how she is
    I mean she was so comfortable on what she has now Love her personality ✨❤️
  • Nad .
    My Asian soul scream’s when she steps the bed with shoes 💀
  • Ball Breed
    That’s smart asl everybody in NY paying 2k for a damn pantry size apartment anyway🥱might as well live in a van😂💯
  • Sheijian
    I need a girl as organized as this. They can be as beautiful as they want, if they're messy af it's not gonna work lol
  • Wow she builds, is extremely cute, likes Pokemon and seems to have a good personality how tf is she single
  • Auntie M
    I remember when living in your car was considered a bad thing, you were homeless.
    Now it’s a way of life.
  • Juddeey
    she's so amazing. gurl did her own plumbing. plus she's a swiftie 🥰🥰🥰
  • Ema
    "Is it safe to lice in a van?" "What does she do?"
    "Why is she wearing shoes on the bed?"
  • tennaj
    She instantly won when she said.. "I actually don't". 🤣
    Them: "How fake do you want this?"
    Him: "Yes"
  • Harry Potter
    As a person who LOVES cramped places, this is my dream home
    if i would choose a house to live in i would prefer a van just like hers, i want to be alone a lot so it matches my taste very well❤️