XO Kitty is the weirdest show...

Published 2023-05-25
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All Comments (21)
  • It felt like they put every kdrama, wattpad, teen movie, fanfic, YA romance trope in a single show… but yes I still binged it lmao
  • I also loved that teenagers weren't being over sexualized and it was genuinely funny! Or the fact she was failing all her classes because she never studies lol
  • @Jimrox_13
    Every time he says..”kitty I can explain” He says NOTHING to explain himself 😭
  • Did non of the other students find Kitty talking to Alex weird? I understand wanting to talk to an international adult, but the frequency with which she chose to sit with him instead of other students was alarming.
  • I still think the most surprising thing about this show is the fact that kitty and dae dated for 4 years
  • Calling a lesbian character "Yuri", specially in an East Asia-based story, will never be unfunny.
  • @DaJbieberSwag
    Is it just me or the series just NEVER ended up telling us the actual reason why the principal acted like she didn’t know kitty’s mom?
  • @dot6658
    To be fair Minho and kitty are actually super cute cuz he was the only one that actually built chemistry with her while everyone else was so forced
  • @bookwyrm8181
    XO Kitty is the most bizzare combination between a disney channel show and a k-drama and it only kind of works...
  • @fkhaoniiii
    the fact that the actors that play yuri and minho are older than the teacher is crazy
  • @ic236
    I do wish Kitty learned Korean. Even if not before she went to KISS, during the ENTIRE SEMESTER. At least a few conversational phrases
  • @lillb643
    Everytime Alex called a show "the weirdest show" you just know he lowkey enjoyed watching it!
  • When Kitty decides to stand up for herself by literally get up and stand on the table in the cafeteria, I had to leave my living room.
  • @trinaq
    Fun Fact: Yuri and Min Ho's actors are siblings in real life, and auditioned for their roles separately. The casting directors didn't even know that they were related until filming began, plus they use different surnames.
  • What's more annoying is Kitty not bothering to learn about the korean culture or atleast the language. I feel like her main reason to go to KISS was because of Dae and her mom was just a silly little excuse
  • @loukang5468
    The thing that I really didn't like was Dae's ability to explain himself, he would proceed to say "Kitty, I can explain" and not explain, it's the reason nothing worked out with Kitty 😭
  • @Sam1D28
    As a lesbian, the "maybe she is just being nice?" Thing is very true.
  • one of the unrealistic things i found about this show was how kitty had learnt no korean before coming to KISS i mean she was all ready with the presentation and scholarship and stuff, her learning Korean would've just made more sense
  • @tantan_.
    If Kitty doesn’t end up with Minho, I’ll take him for myself-
  • @alexanchavz
    I love the “3 queer girls thought it was funny” I thought the skit was realistic and relatable but that sentence truly made me laugh